Oh my god, is it even possible that I was SO unactive and lazy to post my art on my tumblr? I drew a lot so it really surprises me, anyways, I’ve decided to fix it, so I’m posting a few new drawings.

On the first one you can see Arrie, my darling (yes I’m trying to draw in some new styles too), the next one is some steampunk mermaid (I fell in love with steampunk), another one is some unknown boy drawn in different style as well, next three drawings are mostly sketches from school, I’m starting to think that I’m even more creative when I should study, haha. And the last one is Star Wars related, yes, it’s me and my friends (I’m the girl on the right) and guess what, I became a padawan, that’s super cool actually.

So, this was a short description and some news, so I hope you’ll like it. :)