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I used to dislike the nickname daddy but then you came along and I question everything

Tbh i thought it was weird bc ppl were using kt seriously but then i said it as a joke it was funny and here i am now calling everyone daddy even my mom😂

if any team can become the first nba team to lose a playoff series when they’re up 3-0 it’s the rockets

I’ve seen a couple posts on here recently that more or less are saying “fan fiction that is out of character is bad fan fiction”

friendly reminders that:

1. fan fiction is supposed to go beyond the boundaries of canon. especially AU’s. people read/write it to extend a work of fiction and connect it with a story they create in their own minds, with different settings, plots, and yes, character traits.

2. the wonderful thing about fiction is that it leaves a lot of things open to interpretation. someone’s perspective of a character and their personality may be different from yours.

3. fan fiction is a form of self expression and writers put a lot of themselves and their own experiences into these stories that also involve characters and story lines they love.