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well wat else do u think? sex! duh

i ain’t no pornstar lol

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okay so like i read a LOT of the k/orrasami theories prior to the finale and never really thought they were very good at all like ppl just pulling it out of their asses tbh but now obvsly its for real but i personally didnt see any development (not saying there was none, i just didnt see any myself) so could you give me like ?? a bit of analysis bc ?? what did i miss ?? (ps im sending this to a few people bc im so confused pls)

yo okay so im probably not the best person to ask this just bc i am 100% makorra trash there are literally hundreds of hardcore korrasami shippers that would do a much better job at doing this than me but ill give it my best shot anyways bc even tho i might be pure makorra trash i dont think korrasami was just pulled out of peoples asses!!

okay so first off i think the main reason why people don’t believe korrasami had any romantic relationship development is bc they didn’t explicitly say anything like “i like/love you” or “i think we were meant for each other” *cue my makorra trash tears* or stuff like that (which it would’ve been very hard for bryke to pull off lbr like the korrasami hand holding itself was like woAH holy SHIT), and also because we live in a very heteronormative society so therefore we interpret things that would be seen as super romantic in a hetero ship as simple friendship when it comes to same sex relationships (of course this is not to say that diff. sex people can’t have strictly platonic relationships like that is obviously false and definitely not true at all)

but many of the things that happened with korrasami that were viewed as just friendship by people would’ve caused like 99% of the population to explode if they had happened in a hetero ship

i think the most obvious examples/pillars of korrasami development were

  • book 3 finale - I STRAIGHT UP THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNA KISS IN THIS SCENE NO JOKE like asami literally puts her hand on top of korras and looks her straight in the eye and tells her “im always here for you” like yeah sure that could be interpreted in a friendship way but also very VERy capable of being interpreted romantically which it would’ve been if they were hetero. lbr. 
  • the fact that korra only wrote to asami - again could be interpreted in friendship way but also demonstrated the fact that korra felt just as close (or even more) to asami as she did with mako and bolin… like korra literally chose to write asami and not the boys so yeah i would say thats a pretty big deal
  • korra blushing like an idiot when asami complimented her hair - okay if you interpreted this one as a friendship come on please that was gay af

i am 500% positive that a korrasami shipper could come up with about 200 more things with much better explanations so yeah guys where you at

Guys. I am not Google. Especially not for simple shit like that. Asher literally asked why I gave you the time of day and tbh he’s right.
Please use that wonderful search engine we know as Google and save yourself the time of waiting and wondering if I responded to you.
If it’s a more in depth question that can’t be explained by a simple definition I got you but that was honestly not… Not a good choice. Try again in the morning.

from here until february i will be nothing but a garbage bag korrasami blog so just unfollow me now

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Do the asks Sammy is getting bother you?

No, I know that it’s beyond annoying for Sammy, especially since someone is telling them how they do and don’t feel. Like, it doesn’t make sense to me at all why someone would waste their time. But it doesn’t bother me at all.

And sometimes you held somebody’s hand just to prove that you were still alive, and that another human being was there to testify to that fact.
—  Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell)