‘Til death do they part. 

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20 - New Promo Picture released at Sherlocked - Sherlock outside the church in ‘The Sign of Three’ - In the same set as these: (x) & (x) & (x)

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Sherlocked New Con Magazine pictures: (Gorgeous Adlock) (edit 1) (edit 2) (Anderson & Lestrade)

Sherlocked New Promo Pictures: (Sherlock & John in Battersea) (John in coat & scarf) (Benedict & Martin laughing) (Martin & Mark Giggling) (Mary in her Restaurant Dress) (Sherlock & John in Dartmoor) (Lestrade & Anderson at Sherlock’s acquittal) (Sherlock & John on the sofa) (Molly in Reichenbach) (Moriarty on the stairs) (Windswept Sherlock) (Mycroft & Sherlock sass) (Sherlock & John on a rock) (Amanda on 221B stairs) (John outside court) (Moriarty in front of stained glass) (Greg Lestrade White BG) (Sherlock outside Irenes) (Sherlock Pilot photoshoot) (Sherlock at the wedding)