Him: “We were reading Aesop’s Fables the other night, and she surprised me by knowing the definition of a fable.”
Her: “A fable is a story that teaches a lesson!”
Me: “So what’s your favorite fable?”
Her: “Once there was a fox that wanted some grapes and he really wanted the grapes so he tried to jump up and get them but he messed it up and so he tried again but he messed it up again but then he walked away because he decided the grapes were sour and that teaches you not to be greedy and want too much pizza.”
Him: “…. I think we may have combined a few there.”

Having the task bar there feels crowded :/

Tumblr think of the poor folks with bitty computer screens like me

ace awareness week has been exhausting so far, my dash has been nothing but posts equating asexuality to sex repulsion, and they’re by both ace people and non ace people.
and every time i call a post like that out i always get messages telling me not to “police how ace people define their sexuality” and that all i’m doing is “throwing sex repulsed people under the bus”
and like. that’s not what i’m doing. that’s not what i’m trying to do. i just want people to understand that asexuality and sex repulsion are two different scales. because i’m asexual but i’m not sex repulsed and i’m not an anomaly. i’m not misunderstanding my sexuality.
i feel like i might as well stop calling myself asexual because my community at this point is actively trying to push me out. and every time that i speak up about it i get told that i’m the one who’s wrong, i’m the one taking people’s language away from them.
and i’m so Tired and Sad and Angry because i am asexual but no one will let me be that