classic who gothic
  • marco polo is missing. power of the daleks is missing. deep down, you know something else is missing, too.
  • the costumes are getting more and more ridiculousish, or is it the people wearing them?
  • big finish releases a new audio that is nothing but static and screams for two hours. the company denies having ever released it. you buy it anyways
  • you have seen three nimons. three nimons have seen you. they are not the same three.
  • across the world, thousands of people disappear mysteriouslyish. only their headphones are ever found. big finish has announced that they will no longer kill off companions.
  • you didn’t say “pass the salt”, you said “pass the salt”
  • lungbarrow is back in print. it has always been in print.
  • the comics are not canon. the novels are not canon. the audios are not canon. the tv series is not canon. there is no canon. there is only dimensions in time.
  • new pictures from the second doctor era have been discovered. they reveal that zoe’s jumpsuit is not any comprehensible colour.
  • the daleks’ master plan has been discovered in its entirety. there are no plans to release it, says the bbc controller. he refuses to give a reason. you sense an evil presence in the room, something ancient that should not have been disturbed. perhaps it was destroyed for a reason.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Audio Commentary:

“This is a really lovely scene between these two which really highlights the platonic nature of their relationship. There’s actually love there that’s like a brother and sister love. They’ve also changed each other. She’s blown all of her covers in large part because Steve has showed her that maybe you shouldn’t live such a morally murky life. She’s trying to push him towards Sharon.”


Six Drawings

Collaboration with tech artist Maotik and performer Diego Espinosa features projected sound reactive graphics and a standard ballon used as a percussive instrument:

SIX DRAWINGS is a short instrumental audiovisual performance where a percussionist uses an amplified balloon as an audiovisual instrument. With a contact microphone and a MIDI pedal for effect, the performer explores different techniques to generate sounds (grinding, strokes, bubbles or breathing) and visuals in order to create a unique audiovisual composition.
Sound reactive generative visuals gives the illusion the public to be inside the instrument, inside the baloon.

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Let's clear things up here

1) No one loves 5SOS solely, for their looks
2) It is not okay to shame 5SOS fans for their gender and age group
3) The band opened for One Direction, which consequently means that their foundation will be mainly female, and that’s OK.
4) 5SOS have worked incredibly hard to be in the position they’re fortunate enough to be in today
5) Your support and devotion to 5SOS does not dictate your intelligence or maturity level
6) You should not feel compelled to listen to music of other genres, esp punk/rock, just because mindless insecure white men say that the music 5SOS release is not ‘good to a standard’
7) There is no such thing as 'good music’. Music preferences vary: what people may enjoy listening to may not particularly appeal to you
8) You should NEVER feel guilty for being a 5SOS fan because of your a) gender b) age c) music preference.


(ENG SUB) 150423 SBS-R Youngstreet (Audio) (Chen, Chanyeol, & Kai)

18 live (boom bass)
  • 18 live (boom bass)
  • 5 Seconds of Summer

I was messing around with boom bass and i like how it came out //use headphones


so, with the abundance of blurryface conspiracies out there, i thought i might try something on my own. 

i don’t know if what i did has already been done, but i assure you that if it has been done, i did not intentionally copy someone.

so, let’s start of with my theory. i think that the third single to be released is Stressed Out, and i believe that it is going to be released tonight (4/27/15)

why, you ask?

well, i’m sure you’re all aware of the video’s of tyler and josh with some sort of strange, reversed sounding background music posted by the blurryface twitter account. for some reason, those just didn’t seem like regular audio tracks to me. so, i decided to do some experimenting. i downloaded both of the tracks and fiddled with them for a while until i finally decided to try reversing them. i eventually decided that maybe i should just reverse one of them.

this is the track that i left in it’s original state (x)

and this is the track that i reversed (x)

after i had these two tracks, and individually tried shazaming them in both reversed and non reversed states, i decided to try both at the same time. 

i got them as closely lined up as i could with my sub par audio editors and played them back. sounded odd, but i tried shazaming again, and this time, i actually had a conclusive result.

it identified itself as the second tract on blurryface, stressed out.