Let me be (5.28.15)

When I say I don’t want to talk, don’t fucking say you want me to talk. If I’m hurting, let me fucking hurt. Don’t force me.

Why are you so damn forceful? WHY do you have to rip it out of me? And yes I say rip because you’re not considerate enough to understand I AM FUCKING SENSITIVE. LET ME BE.

Why do you have to force me to talk? No one else does. Him, in the past, always let me tell him. He helped me let it all out, but you–you are a completely different story. You need to pry it out of my like ripping open the jaws of an alligator that swallowed your cellphone.

Stop. Just stop. When I want to talk I will let you know. For now, just leave me alone.


[Clip] 777 – Espiiem

Sur une excellente production de High Klassified, Espiiem fait un étal de tout son talent : voici le clip du titre “777” shooté à Montréal !

note to self: wala kang ibang gagawin kundi magtumblr. bawal munang manuod ng twd dahil maattach ka dun at babagal ang net kaya di ka na makakapagtumblr. since namimiss mo na maggulo sa dash dapat mong gawin to. hahahaha okay baliw na ko giii.

I AM SO HAPPY I’ve been dreading payday cause my overtime ban meant I’d barely cover my bills with this month’s wage let alone have money to eat or do anything in June or have money for Ireland at the end of the month, but I scrimped and saved enough this month that I can pay all my bills and have a budget of £50 a week with just under £200 of money for Ireland (which I most likely will not need but it’s good to know it’s there!)

I have been feeling SO anxious about today and making myself feel ill from money worries so knowing that I’m able to live reasonably instead of in dire poverty has just made me feel so much better, aaaahhh!!