kikirishima asked:

alright I have a question: Is hibike euphonium nice, I maybe want to watch it?

you totally should!! the animation is so fucking perfect i sswear + the characters are really cute!! its like k-on except its. about brass band stuff its rlly gr8 10/10 pls watch it

anonymous asked:

why did you and Rebecca broke up?

a third person came to fuck up our relationship, not hard to tell who this person is.

Dear ppl who get their paper delivered

- I am paid exactly 20 cents for your paper. That’s not enough to get me to deliver it wherever you want, especially if you obviously park to make sure I can’t sully ur driveway w my gross poor car
- no I will not literally put your paper in your house for you. You’re a big kid, open the fucking door to grab your shitty paper
-if you have a three car garage and a house bigger than my whole yard you can PROBABLY afford to tip me once a week…

anonymous asked:

hayranların çok var gerçi yazdıklarından daha çok sana hayran olanlar

Bence duruşuma, fikirlerime hayranlar. Ve bunları genç yaşımda kağıda dökebilmeme…