This might not be the best Teen Wolf icon dump but it might possibly be one of the biggest on tumblr. So, for the last week or so, I’ve been feeling pretty sick and when I’m feeling sick I open up photoshop so bear with me because hella icon dump is about to commence. These aren’t under the cut because there’s far too many and I don’t want to put them in individual posts because nobody will appreciate me spamming the dash so I’ve added examples. I didn’t crop them but I did sharpen/colour/texture them. There’s over 950 100x100 rp icons in total and they’re as follows: #170 of Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, #600 of Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey and #170 of Sinqua Walls as Vernon Boyd.

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[ Tyler Hoechlin dl ] && [ Daniel Sharman dl ] && [ Sinqua Walls dl ]


( I’m in awe that there’s almost 950 of you. My ultimate goal was always 1000 and I’m almost there. I’ll try to finish Christmas promo prizes and at 1000 i’ll finally do my first bias list and maybe another giveaway. 

aLSO yOu LiTtLE SHITS LOVE ANGST. I reblogged a cutesey starter pack and got nothing bUT THE ANGST ONE I gOt SO MANY LIKE WOW KILL ME NOW WIT FEELS UGH. ily all so much. Thank you for sticking with me through ups and downs. )

I can see it now. The Inquisitor goes missing some years after the battle with Corypheus, 950 years later it’s end of the world again, and a new group goes looking for the weapons/Anchor in some vain hope that will help them.
They find the inquisitor stuck in a time pocket, s/he gets out, the group doesn’t know what to do and they get ready to attack when one of them goes:

‘No, stop! That’s the Inquisitor! We don’t want to start anything with thim! Lower your weapons!
‘I’ve read about the Inquisitor. He was obsessed with elfroot and he once recruited a bear to the Inquisition!’
Inquisitor Yion:…how did that manage to survive the ages?

Contour & Shape by denial of service

Contour & Shape by denial of service - http://www.vjstv.com/contour-shape-denial-service/

all shots (of myself & surroundings) were achieved entirely on the MS Kinect v1.
PC & Z data were captured & manipulated with Brekel, Processing and Meshlab.
sequences were rendered in 3DSMax with Krakatoa & Vray / After Effects with Trapcode Form.
datamoshing & further glitch was mostly accomplished with ruby code & processing.

audio : Roland TR-808 & SH-101, Oberheim DMX, Clavia NordLead IIX, AKAI S-950, Yamaha CS15, Doepfer A-100 & MAQ 16/3.

~ Baby, I don’t care if you got her in your heart All I really care is you wake up in my arms … ♥ ~ by eliyagolan featuring a black and white picture ❤ liked on Polyvore

Philosophy body cleanser, 950 PHP / John Allan s hair shampoo, 800 PHP / Les Néréides bracelet jewelry, 16,865 PHP / Michael Kors brown crossbody purse, 6,585 PHP / Pink top, 755 PHP / Cutout crop top, 445 PHP / Miu Miu flared skirt, 33,815 PHP / Black evening shoes, 1,555 PHP / Rosanna, 1,025 PHP / Black and white picture, 800 PHP / Spicher and Company text sign, 4,450 PHP / Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (Pink), 3,115 PHP / Eskayel Twinkle Fabric, 6,675 PHP / Fornasetti Mano Small Tray, 7,030 PHP / Setton Farms Raw Almond Snack Pack, 4 oz | AmazonFresh, 125 PHP / Fannie May Pink Ladies, 1,155 PHP / Arctic Monkeys T shirt AM White, 1,230 PHP
Valley Isle Scoreboard

BOWLING AJA BOWLING LEAGUE Tuesday’s Results At Maui Bowling Center Standings-Marge’s 83, Kim Chee’s 82, Unknown 78, Ijiwaru’s 74 ½, Tomodachi’s 74, Higa’s 73, Elaine’s 69, Doug’s 50, Pauline’s 48, 950 27 ½.

Valley Isle Scoreboard