when youre hanging with your bros and one bro hugs you but doesnt say no bromo so now youre dating but youve got bad credit

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I mean that there were atheists producing work during the Renaissance. So of course I wouldn't mean the entire Renaissance. Not everything during the renaissance had to do with religion.

i had such a longwinded reply for this but please come off anon. there’s so much to talk about. i studied art history for five years. let us please have this conversation.

i am concerned and kind of in awe now.

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it's not going away, isn't it?

Still got my panda plushie. I named it Pabu. After somebody I met got really excited. 
“Oh my god, is that Pabu!?” 
I forgot how Fire Ferrets are pretty much just Red Pandas. 

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i can't believe rob saw the pillow omf i'm laughing so hard u know kaitlin's probably seen it now too


if he shows it to the rest of the cast I am 234987389423789047812907809234780% done with everything

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I'm actually black so please stop pretending u know everything about everyone especially when it's comes to race and your opinions on everything

“im actually black”