Bir aşk filmi izledikten sonra, filmin bende ki bıraktığı etkiye mi üzüleyim yoksa hayatımın monotonloğuna mı üzüleyim karar veremedim.

you ever just have characters that you love too much? and you realize that you can do anything you want with them? So you ship them? But their mom/godmother doesn’t approve? Yeah thats me right now. With Lucelle and Xio. They’re both very cute and they know it so they use it to get what they want.

Fusion Designs and Lilly pastry-witch
Blio princebonebun
Xell and Sybil are mine

@lovemelikeareptile - not a silly question, no worries. ^^ They do indeed, the flies lay these tiny white eggs, and then you get lots of teeny tiny maggots that eventually grow into the size of the ones in the video. Then they turn into little brown turds, out of which they hatch into flies (you can see a couple in the video, the lighter brown things in amongst the maggots)

skelelegs - omg I know right??? I went out one night and there were SO MANY I was like hoooly Frick. So I checked them out in the morning and they’re all chilling just below the surface. I wonder how Soggy Fox is looking under all that

Last night I was all kind of emotions and I drank so much. I have been drunk almost every day of these holidays. Oh shit. Oh and I woke up with gloves on??? Must have been cold haha

I’m arriving on 27th, so I am missing the very first week but im supposed to catch all weekend shows of second week omg im so excited T_______T♥ ill see yibo and uniq babes so soon…omg