In the summer season you need to be completely engaged in protecting your skin against sun protection, on the other hand during the winter season you may completely stick to the moisturizers because of the feel of dry skin that we develop.

The skin is dry in the winter because of the fact of low temperatures, low humidity factors and the strong, harsh winds that devoid the skin of its natural lipid layer that protects the skin from drying out. To have a good feeling on your skin during the harsh winter weather, this article presents you with few of the tips:

Use lukewarm water: It is important to remember the fact that the usage of hot water during bathing can reap the moisture content from the skin thus causing a drying affect on the skin. Incase you cannot tolerate to have the bath in lukewarm water then what I would suggest to you is that keep your showers short and sweet and take them just once a day so that you do not rip the excessive lipid layers.

The hot temperature along with the chemicals that have a drying effect on your skin would land up as a big shock to your skin. You need to consider the same rule for your hands also, incase your hands turn red after washing then it is important to note that the water was too hot.

The usage of antibacterial soaps in the public places can be really harsh on the skin so it is important that you use a mild hand wash and further for keeping your cuticles soft it is important to note that you massage with olive oil. Further the application of moisturizer along with the facial water can facilitate you with a number of benefits. First apply the facial water and then after that you can just dab the moisturizer this offers you with a very refreshing effect during the hot season.

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Poseidon: list 3 fears

1. Falling from great heights
2. Spiders
3. Losing people I love/close to