everyo ei s sad

but everyone think s everyone else shouldnt be sad 

and it s dumb and stupid were so stupid people are so stupid 

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No yeah that totally makes sense! My parents are pretty conservative and I got paranoid when I ordered things online and often was like “uh it’s a gift” but it was Very Anxiety because it was always something I didn’t want them to know about

tbh i don’t think my mother would actually really care (well in a negative sense… like, i’ve bought things i would never tell my mom about b/c like super awkward conversations simply aren’t fun) but it’s more like… in -this- specific case i’m 99% sure we’d end up having a long sit down and talk and i’m just not really ready for that and i know it’d be one of those things where i’m superbly uncomfortable/vulnerable/awkward and extremely easy to… like, there’s ways even a positive conversation could end up mis-stepping and sending me into a downward spiral of intense depression 

like i mean i -know- she wouldn’t be upset with me or anything but i also know she’d have 10000000000 billion questions that would overwhelm me in like four seconds

During otakuthon there was this really cute boy that stopped by my table. He dressed really nicely and accessorized with lots of intricate but not over the top jewelry.

I guess I was really impressed by how well he put together the outfit. Usually when people try to dress up fancy it alway ends up slightly tacky, but he was near perfect.

I really wanted to compliment him but I was too shy and busy being a little creepy gross inside. Regret not doing so a little bit, hopefully I see him again next year.