Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.247:

"It will be Christmas soon. Everyone, how are you going to spend it? As for me, it’s going to be working!

As time passes in the world of Magi, the characters grow up and it can be difficult keeping up with this fact. Though, Judar is still supposed to be three centimetres taller than Hakuryuu.

This week, it will be the second chapter of the battle against Gyokuen. I hope you enjoy it.”


reader submission via Facebook:


I am doing my doctoral studies at the University of Bonn in Germany. Upon visiting the Landes Museum today, I came across two paintings that might be of interest to you, both featuring the same title, “Anbetung der Könige” (Adoration of the Magi). I have attached photos, with details, to this message.

PS, your blog is wonderful. I am an art historian myself, specialized in medieval Egypt, and I find your posts ever insightful.