Now I want to yell about Vivienne and how people are writing her off. Today is gonna be a long one for any following me who isn’t into radical lady love.

She’s stated as being pro-Circle. She’s stated as having a “true agenda.” That’s all we know about her philosophy/standpoint yet. It’s not a lot.

Pro-Circle doesn’t mean pro-Chantry, though. The Circle is its own independent community that exists to educate and guide mages, and it can be cut off from the Chantry and operate as a truly independent, self-governing community. Enchanters of the Circle of Magi who support that most commonly join the Libertarian Fraternity of Enchanters.

What if Vivienne is a Libertarian? She’s probably not openly Libertarian, because obviously she’s got a position in the Orlesian Court that she needs to maintain, and maintaining that probably comes with a fair amount of respectability politics. She has to look like the good mage. But what if, through the whole game, we think she supports the Chantry and then when it comes time to broker peace and decide on a solution, she speaks in favor of the Circle’s independence and removing the Chantry from its position of power? What if that is the “true agenda” that she’s hiding?

Y’all are writing her off for failing to be yet another in a long-enough line of open rebels and would-be martyrs, when we don’t actually know anything about her philosophy yet other than that she supports the Circle.