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I noticed that you enjoyed hyouka au's, while I don't have an interesting one, heres an interesting fact; Oreki-san refers to Chitanda as 'our lady' or 'fine lady' when he thinks to himself. ex/ I don't know. If it were me, I would have felt terrible sneezing this many times. As expected of our lady here, who can be extremely modest. -5 - The Hidden Seal of the Pedigree Classics Club


that’s adorable omg i think i’d heard that before. houtarou… he doesn’t even realize how sweet that is. 

i’m behind on reading hyouka i need to start up again

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burdge!!! i bought two hyouka art prints on your society6 store im so happy!!!! shipping to my country is usually very expensive(i live in brazil) so i almost never buy things online but when i saw your free shipping i was really happy!!!!

yay!!!! that makes me really happy too!

(shamelessly promotes) free shipping goes until monday! c:

So I have been told I have pretty good taste in things, even anime/manga so I thought maybe I should make a rec page since I never use my MAL LOL. Also not to mention I have watched anime for a long time so this is like my knowledge to you cries. This is post is mostly recommended for those who have told me “anime? isn’t that for children?”

NO. IT. IS. NOT. I have been emotional over anime because they have some of the best storytelling I have ever seen, yes even better than other forms of media. Some can make you laugh. Some can make you cry. Some can make you feel like you are those characters’ best friend. So I totally encourage you to try at least one series. 

Also this is a note please read: This is the anime/manga that I consider to be pretty good/worth watching or reading. You can agree or disagree with me, I won’t judge you with that. If you don’t see your favorite series on here please don’t bash me. There is too much anime/manga on this planet, it’s bound to happen. In other words THESE ARE MY OPINIONS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN OPINION IF YOU AGREE WITH THESE SERIES REC. 

Bold means are my favorites.

Italics means I prefer manga/game/other form of media over the anime (I will also mention which I prefer).

* means I personally have not seen it or finished it but I am meaning to/or heard it from others

If you are new to anime you should check these out: 

Light hearted, “feel good” series:

Dark in content, or something suspenseful (this section contains blood and death content so fair warning):

Things that will make you cry: 

Try some classic anime (Or relive your childhood)!

Award winning anime:

Also note this post will update a lot because of new anime and what not. You can recommend me anime too!

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AHHH YOU DREW MY HYOUKA AU! I can't tell you how much I freaked out. I come up with crossovers like that all the time but my friends are rarely interested. You were the person thought would appreciate that one the most. (Plus I've wanted to be your friend for years??? Who wouldn't, anyway?) Thank you for the sketches they made my awful week 100x better.

HYOUKA AU ANON!!! all my love to you my dear. seriously i screencapped those messages immediately and saved them, bc i didn’t want them to get lost in my inbox. i desperately love the set up you gave me, so you’ll probably see more fanart of it lol. soooo gooood. 

i wanna be friends too!! i wish you weren’t anonymous! (but don’t feel like you have to come off anon) feel free to send me crossovers anytime!! you’re fantastic at them!! <3