Hi, so I’m Alex and I don’t often post things that I’ve drawn because I’m really self conscious when it comes to actually drawing. But today I thought I’d give a Kyoto Animation (Free!, K-On!, Hyouka, Tamako Market, etc) Kingdom Hearts crossover a go. I know that he is not perfect by any means but this is the first digital drawing I’ve done that I’m really happy with. So I hope you enjoy him as much I enjoyed drawing him! Please don’t steal him just like or reblog or I’ll probably cry haha ^^

Okay, today I was listening to music from my phone with a friend of mine (who does not watch anime) and the OP of Ao haru ride started playing. And then as usual after some OP or Japanese song starts playing while I’m listening to music with friends I stopped it but the she said “Oh,no leave it, this is an opening, right? I like it.” And I’m like 


I was tagged by the cutie shingeki-no-hyouka!!! Thank you!

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what’s your hair color and would you like to change it?
It’s red right now! But I would like it to be pastel blue or turquoise or ash blonde lol
who’s your anime bae? :3 
how tall are you?
5 foot 6 and a half inches and I have stopped growing…
how much do you like hugs?
I frickin love them they make you feel so safe and aw
favourite manga?
I’ve only ever read death note so death note
what’s your eye colour?
describe your personnality in three words
Fucking anime garbage
how will you react to someone hurting a person you love
would like a late night advanture with people u like to be around or just stay in bed? ≧◡≦
Depends on what kind of adventure! If it’s anything like Paper Towns then yes maybe! If not I’ll just sleep instead.
how do you act around children?
Depends how old they are, really. If they’re like 0-4 years old I’m just like wow fucking chill out man but over that age they’re okay until they’re like eleven and then their horrible again. I also get anxiety when small children are screaming???
what do you do when you can’t fall asleep ?
Usually write or just listen to music :3

My questions!
1. Cats or dogs?
2. Who’s your favourite singer/songwriter?
3. What colour is your favourite shirt?
4. What do you have on your bedroom walls?
5. Star sign?
6. Most comfortable blogging position?
7. If you could change the colour of your eyes, would you? What colour would they be?
8. Favourite quote?
9. Who do you consider to be your hero?
10. Favourite outfit?
11. How do you relax?

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1. Answer the questions the person who tagged you came up with and write 11 new ones

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a-la-orilla-del-rio’s questions:

1. which is your highest score in… FLAPPY REI?:
like 5??? im awful >_>

2. at what time did you go to bed last night?: about 10:30 pm

3. how´s you hair? my hair is a cute little quiff its adorable i love it but i kinda want to dye it

4. do you wear glasses? nah B)

5. what´s the first song that you have on your playlist?: Youth by Daughter

6. do you like vegetables?: nah son im a fruit person

7. how much do you love french fries?: id give a bj for some french fries

8. what anime is killing you at the moment and why?: tokyo ghoul/zankyou no terror (ITS SO SAD)/free! bc feelings

9. what are you procastinating right now?: nothing actually like im responsibility free atm B)

10. take the personality test too!, results?: i know im an ENFP already

11. was it too obvious that i didn´t know what to ask anymore?: lmaoooooooo yah

My questions:

  1. whats your name and would you change it if you could?
  2. whens your birthday??
  3. favourite 3 animes you’d recommend?
  4. name an anime character you’d do the do with
  5. what hair colour would you dye your hair to if you could?
  6. what eye colour would you have if you could?
  7. whats your personality type?
  8. do this quiz and tell me your result :3
  9. whats the most kawaii emoticon ever (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  10. would u give ur kik/skype/other messaging system to a close mutual
  11. if i recommended you ugly ducklings love revolution would u read the manga/play the otome pretty please

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tagged some mutuals ive not actually talked to that much yet bc i want to get to know you (◜௰◝)