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Tagged by: muginoshizuri
Name: Anna
Nickname: Torana
Where I’m from: Poland
Fav Anime: Railgun S (sisters arc) I have so many fav anime.
Fav Show: ….. idk.
Zodiac: Virgo
Fav drink: Soda or Apple juice
Fav quote:  “if I don’t have to do it then I won’t do it, but if i have to then I’ll make it quick" - Oreki Hotaro (Hyouka)
Fav band: so many… I can’t decide. “Girls Dead Monster” I guess.
Fav season: Autumn
Movies I’m waiting for: Love Live Movie
Write something in all caps: IDK…  POCKEEEEY-NYA

Tag 10 people: I’m not going to tag anyone.