Little Mix’s new single has blown the minds of critics

According to sources, Little Mix’s new single is a force to be reckoned with. With an 80′s R&B feel, the girls have set themselves up to be one of the top artists of this year. A new source came forward today claiming that the girls plan on beginning promo for the new album next week in the USA, doing a small radio tour in anticipation of their new single. 

The girls are currently filming the video for their new single, called “Black Magic”. The new single, according to Instagram user @kennycheewa (who auditioned for an acting role in the video) claims that the video has “a fun college type feel with a bit of black magic”.

The Little Mix ladies released a list of their musical influences for album number three following it’s predecessors Salute and DNA, and the list includes Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson, TLC and more. 

The single, according to an inside source from SYCO says the single will be released…

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sunlight + fresh (h)air.

It’s been fun blogging about natural hair, but I’ve missed having a space where I could write down my personal thoughts as well. Honestly, I just haven’t felt very creative lately. And I think, in between the demands of a work and life – I lost my creative mojo and neglected my creative health. I’ve been working to  put together a blog that would include writing + my love of travel + urban beach style and care free black girl vibes. I can’t wait to introduce it to you! In the meantime, I‘ll be right  here…xx

Human Horse Hooves

That horse mask of yours isn’t fooling anyone – at least not without the human horse hooves to complete the disguise. These 14″ latex hooves look remarkably real and slip on like gloves and can be removed quickly when you need to use your inferior human hands.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

Confession: After learning one companion’s secret, I made a custom piece of armor called “Liar’s Shame” and made him wear it for the rest of the game. Other than that, however, I really liked the companions in Inquisition. Some had some horrifying views or saw the world so differently than I do, and most had made some mistakes, but they were fun companions to have.


ok so im going through the comments and replies from kate because cmon i want to see as many hints and good news about this series as possible. and first picture: kate supports breaking gender norms!!!!!!!!!! and she admits that even though fernsong is a feminine name that wont make her change it and that he will be fun to write!!!

secondly; SHE WANTS BREEZEPELT TO BE REDEEMED AND FOR HIM TO FIND HAPPINESS AND LOVE HALLELUJAH…… im a bit scared of that last ‘we will wait and see’ but i think this is good. i think that comment means good things will happen.

an interesting tidbit i got off a really long comment so i copied just a part of it; 

Question: “Also, I saw that someone else asked previously for there to be more LGBTQ characters and you said there were no plans. Can there at LEAST be some minor hints about background characters? Tallstar was done really well, but it broke my heart that nothing came of it in the end. Let’s see some happy, working non-traditional relationships — not spelled out, of course, since for some reason that’s considered taboo (???) for the kiddies — but little hints for those who are looking for them?”

Kate’s Answer: “I will hint where I can. But I think Warriors has always managed to keep the gender stereotypes fluid. Girl cats in particular range from motherly types to hyper-feminine to positively butch. The boys have been more stereotyped though. I’ll see if I can give a softer, more nurturing edge to some of our male heroes. Does that sound cool, or am I missing the point?”

so im really, really looking forward to the next series. but im still anxious. lets all hold hands and pray for this to not be terrible. 


carrotquill asked:

yea, connie has the right amount of healthy teen passion that a lot of the younger readers of homestuck have. the great thing about those younger fans is they seem to have a good sense of quality in work, like they don't see homestuck as something perfect, but as something imersive and fun, negatives be damned, but hell if they won't make fun of them anyway. homestuck has some pretty cool peeps in the fandom.

connie says itadakimasu before eating and geeks out over novels it’s 100% believable that she’d be an adorable little homestuck

I only read like. act 1 though so I can’t speculate on who her fav character would be or anything. Other people should though ‘cause thats cute too

Well, that was fun! Unexpected but fun!

So I was coming out of the small grocery store on campus and I saw the college president. So I crossed the street to say “Hi!” and she excitedly told me to follow her. So I did. Long story short what started out as a boring Saturday morning ended with me throwing a pie in my college president’s face and my college president throwing a pie in my face!!!

idk why everyone thinks that ~dark~ comic book movies are so bad

comic books tend to reflect the societal values of the time because that’s what attracts readers. and like….. there’s nothing bright and fun about villains trying to take over the world, kill the hero, etc. to begin with so????? why are dark comic book movies such a surprise????? what does dark even mean anyways have you never read a comic book i’ve read news stories with happier stories than comic books????