This week, a prominent leader in queer, Chicana and Korean communities was murdered in a crime spree in Georgia. 

Catherine Han Montoya was killed inside her East Atlanta home, where she lived with her wife. Police have arrested Donte Lamar Wyatt, a suspect charged with stabbing his estranged wife earlier that day who is believed to have been connected to Montoya’s murder as well. 

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights said Montoya “leaves a legacy of building bridges of unity and opportunity across multi-ethnic communities.” Montoya was the director of field immigration and capacity-building initiatives at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Leadership Conference Education Fund, and was also cochair of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, reports Dyana Bagby of LGBT outlet The Georgia Voice.

Friends of Montoya memorialized her on the Seeds of Love page on Facebook and launched a website organized to raise money for her family and offset funeral expenses, writing, “She was a shining star in our movement, a tireless champion for immigrant rights, for AAPI women’s rights, for racial and LGBTQ justice. She spoke truth to power with a smile and laughter, and lovingly challenged us all to be our better selves.”

Tragic loss for all of us. Our thoughts are with her loved ones. 

Happy B-day David Tennant-Why I Love Him

So hello there, for all of you who don’t know who I am my name is Catherine, but I prefer to be called Katie. It’s a preference thing, and honestly Katie isn’t much better considering my nickname was derived from my late mom’s toy poodle, but that is another story. But at least Katie isn’t too formal or regal sounding. Anyway I am 25 at the moment, I attend college, act in Shakespearean plays, and work in the horrendous world of retail fun times. I also run two other blogs besides this one and if you ever get an ask from ironholmesgrl08, that is me and don’t be alarmed. But enough about me and my boring life, so let’s begin with how I came to love and why I love David Tennant. 

Now first things first. The first time I’d ever seen David in anything was when he was playing that crude sniveling villain Barty Crouch Jr in the Harry Potter Movies. And I was so disappointed in the film version of the fourth book The Goblet of Fire which David appears in I sort of  looked him over, plus he really creeped me out. He was fascinatingly evil, but still creepy. I mean look a this. Plus I was avid HP fan back in the day,okay I still am, but not  so much now. David just didn’t cut it for me in this role.

Alright so that was the first time I ever saw David in anything. And being unfortunately born in the US, well I didn’t get see him in much of anything else. Which is such a shame because he is such a very good actor. I mean he scared me when he was Barty Jr. I was like whoa you are just evil aren’t you? I mean which is good considering the role he had.

Okay now fast forwarding past my awkward and horrible teenage years where I mostly focused on anime and all that stuff more than I did Science Fiction which I was raised on with both Star Wars and Star Trek. Yes that is right I was raised in the ways of the Force, and I am a Trekkie, and don’t get me wrong I still love all that stuff, but I didn’t really felt like I had my own special Science Fiction thing to obsess over until I discovered Doctor Who. I was very reluctant at first to watch the series, but after coaxing and begging from a friend to watch it I caved in. I began with the new series starting with Ninth Doctor, and I get angry when people say the first Doctor you see is your Doctor. Okay that may be true for some, but not in my case. Albeit I loved the Ninth Doctor I thought he was great, but he didn’t feel like my Doctor, and then David came back into my life. I was like didn’t I see him somewhere before, and in my head a tiny click went off, and I was like “Oh, I don’t trust you. You are that one evil guy, uhm Barty Jr or something like that, you are just nope.” But when he smiled for the first time  as The Doctor, some of those doubts washed away. I was like okay I still don’t fully trust you just yet, but you are funny and not that bad looking once you are not being a full on psychopath . 

But even though I was really enjoying David as The Doctor it wasn’t until this line, that his Doctor officially became my Doctor forever. 

So then I  kept on watching Doctor Who and it was hard saying good bye to Ten. I  mean I still cry at this. I and just like millions of others didn’t want him to go either. 

So I still went on to watch Doctor Who, and I am still watching it. But I got curious about David and wanted to see what other roles he was in as an actor. So like all good fans I went to his Wikipedia page and I found movies, shows, appearances, and just everything I could find to watch or to listen to. By the way people should really listen to his audio work he is amazing. Anyway back to topic the first performance I watched of David’s besides well HP and DW was Hamlet. And this was it people, already loving him as the Doctor in DW, but it was Hamlet I fell in love with him as an actor. He moved me so much on so many levels, and I felt connected with that character; it was just so beautiful and inspiring. And thanks to David being Hamlet it made me go after a dream of mine that was locked away because I was taught that acting was not something to be taken seriously. But David is marvelous when it comes to doing Shakespeare. He was meant for it. Seriously check out his roles in Richard II and Much Ado About Nothing as well, if you are able.

Okay already loving him as an actor with Doctor Who and Hamlet, I didn’t fully realize how sexually attractive he was until I saw him in Casanova. Now don’t get me wrong David Tennant is extremely good looking, he is just so handsome I want to cry at the unfairness of it all. But David doing the nasty in Casanova, I was like well I love you, but now I want you to do me. 

And this didn’t stop with Casanova. I mean David is a beast in the sheets. He is just so goddamn sexy and hot, and makes having sex in his other roles  so intimate and fun, and ungghhhahah…sorry I think I got a bit carried away there. So David is extremely sexy; I mean here is another example from Blackpool and The Politician’s Husband. Oh and don’t get me wrong even though I want do him like no other, I respect that David has a wife and a beautiful and talented wife at that, and a wonderful family. but my sexual desires of him are just fantasies and wants and that is all. David is wonderful man to his family and even that makes him extremely sexy in my honest opinion.

Now with that being said, I also find David to be one of the most realistic actors when it comes portraying emotions such as sadness. And one of the shows he did this best in was Single Father. Now this show is a huge trigger for me, but that is because I had a similar situation happen in my life. I am not going to go into that, but if you are curious you can ask me. Anyway David played Dave Tiler a father to four kids altogether and a grandfather to one who lost his wife. Seeing David portray grief and loss and all that sadness was so heartbreaking and I sometimes would forget that he was acting.

But here are some other examples as well as him crying and I don’t know maybe this is me, but when he cries even looking at a gif of him crying I begin to cry. 

Okay enough with that let’s get on another subject as to why I came to love David Tennant. He is funny and really charming. He is just really funny especially when he is being silly on things such as Absolute Radio and The Friday Night Project. Or doing funny things in general like The Ballad of Russel and Julie. He also knows how to make you smile and that is just wonderful. 

Alright I am going to wrap things up here because if I continue with it will turn into a thousand page novel, or maybe I am over exaggerating, but still I am going to wrap it up with one last thing I love about David Tennant.  And that is the fact that David Tennant is an absolute geek and a fanboy. He isn’t afraid to admit it either, and being well  a geek and a fangirl myself, I don’t know but it feels comforting knowing that someone  you admire and love on so many levels is that way as well, and doesn’t find it as a flaw but embraces it fully. 

So okay I could go on and on and on about how much I came to love David Tennant and how much I still love him, but like I said I need to wrap this up. So in conclusion, I absolutely love David Tennant. I love him so much.

I loved him when he was the Doctor even though I first saw him in HP as the villain Barty Crouch Jr. I fell madly in love with him as an actor when I saw him play Hamlet. I found him always attractive, but it wasn’t until Casanova and other roles where he is sexually active that I felt sexually aroused by him that I was like gawd dammit David I loved you already, but now I want to do you as well. Also David is a very versatile actor when it comes to emotions especially sadness, he just knows how to make you feel genuinely sorry for him, but he can also be funny and charming too. And to top it all off David is a major fanboy and geek. He loves to do what he does, and he isn’t afraid to talk about what he loves. David Tennant is overall amazing and a good human being. I am glad you took the time and the patience to read this super long post. But I do really love him as a person and as an actor, and I want to wish him a very happy well deserved birthday and the best in everything! Lots of love to you all as well, and thank you all for putting up with my blog over him and all things he has done and will be doing. I am so glad I joined the David Tennant fandom because it is just truly wonderful just like he is. 

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie <3 <3

I have an admiration for Marilyn Monroe that—no, it’s more than admiration. I have a love for that woman. For me she represents the highest point of femininity. There’s something childish and sincere and overwhelming with her, I never saw anyone who gave off so much charm and warmth and tenderness and femininity all at once. - Catherine Deneuve

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“I think it shows enormous strength of character, personal integrity and decency that Duchess Catherine didn’t give into the pressures of the press and release even the smallest detail of her relationship with William during their break-up, especially when you consider how you she was.” - Submitted by Anonymous

Favourite Catherine Tate quotes:
  • it feels like jam sandwiches
  • You don’t have to say you love me, just be good in bed
  • you must be a cone??
  • perfidious snatch
  • I miss swearing and getting paid for it
  • If busy is Latin for lazy, then yes.
  • Because you’ve touched me, that does mean we’re going out.
  • Doesn’t it herald the breakdown of society if people are walking around in their flannelettes?
  • It wasn’t like I was expelled, they just said ‘we’d rather you didn’t come back.’
  • I don’t know songs I’ve never heard of
  • When Robin Hood – no, not Robin Hood, what is it? Kate Bush -
  • I thought they ran on electricity! But then they take their helmet off and Bob pops out, I nearly died.
  • I was a little girl with glasses, ginger hair… you know. And I used to wet myself.
  • When will I learn that your surname isn’t Who??

Catherine Talavera

Emilio Aguinaldo College-Manila

BS Mass Communication

Magna Cum Laude

I’m finally a college graduate! :)) I officially graduated yesterday and I am so blessed to have graduated with latin honors. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible I can’t explain how good it feels to know that all of my hard work has paid off. I am so thankful for all the people that have been a part of my college life. To God be all the glory! 

Will post more about my graduation tomorrow! hihi :)