“I’ve got red in my ledger; I’d like to wipe it out.”

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out in theaters this Friday! So I whipped up an Avengers cake bust.

You voted on which Avenger you wanted cake-d up and it was a landslide vote for Black Widow! She’s made from our fan-favorite cake flavor Red on my Ledger (It seemed fitting!) and a rice krispee treat face. All of her ‘eyelashes’ were individually rolled & placed with black fondant. 

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New Video! Made a Captain America themed Pizza today on Nerdy Nummies in celebration of the new Avengers movie! 

Small things that need to be appreciated more
  • 1. The smell of rain
  • 2. The aroma of fresh baked cookies
  • 3. Seeing someone for the first time in a long time
  • 4. The smell of flowers
  • 5. Laughing until your stomach hurts
  • 6. Listening to your favorite song
  • 7. Buying a new outfit
  • 8. Seeing someone smile to themselves
  • 9. Feeling the wind on your skin
  • 10. Seeing city lights from an airplane
  • 11. Long hugs
  • 12. Bare feet on soft grass
  • 13. Walks at night
  • 14. Getting a good morning or goodnight text
  • 15. Making someone's day
  • 16. Reading a good book
  • 17. Soft skin
  • 18. Coming across an old photo that brings back memories
  • 19. A home cooked meal
  • 20. Bubble baths
  • 21. Seeing trees and mountains blur by during a car ride
  • 22. Scented candles
  • 23. Eating ice cream straight from the tub
  • 24. When someone remembers your name after you just met
  • 25. A perfectly split Oreo
  • 26. The beauty of nature
  • 27. Hand written letters
  • 28. Petting a soft animal
  • 29. Spending time with your mom and dad
  • 30. Making someone else happy

We love them but they aren’t usually “grownup”, “sophisticated”, or even that flattering on the face. Unless you pick “dusty” muted tones!

1 common trick: wear a neutral shadow in the socket and outer corner, and nude lip liner all over the lips first. Then pop your pastel color in the center and blend outwards. As long as the outer edges are neutral, you can pull off any pastel.

#BobbiBrown Sheer Brights (Pink Slip, Cornflower and Jean Blue shown) - a range with soft, work-friendly pastels.
#LauraGeller Baked Face Powder in Ethereal Rose.
#OCC Lip Tar recommendations - Narcissus (pastel pink), Ophelia (neutral beige pink), and Digitalis (lavender mauve) are beautiful dusty shades. MAC Snob is a beautiful lipstick match for Digitalis.
#Sensai Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment - expensive but SO good.
#Dior Addict eau de parfum

P.s. Beautybay.com ships a huge range of OCC products free internationally. If you want to see how these colors look on the face, hop on over to dayre.me/makeupbox today!

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