"We shouldn’t shoehorn token women into creator’s artistic visions" is one of the most common criticisms I see when diversity in the media is brought up and there are three big reasons why it’s ridiculous:

1) Human beings are all different in real life so making fictional characters more diverse is inherently a natural choice and can no more qualify as “shoehorning” or “tokenism” than making a character blonde vs. brunette.

2) More diversity is automatically a good thing always. More diversity cannot, in any conceivable way, detract from anything ever. It never has and never will, unless it makes you angry when you get to choose between 100 ice cream flavors instead of like 5 or you’re one of those people who hates pokemon now that there’s more pokemon in it (IN POKEMON!!? HOW DARE THEY)

3) The abundance of middle aged white straight dudes as protags ain’t a product of everyone somehow having the same personal creative vision it’s a product of impartial corporate committee-driven development processes all ripping each other off.

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You sure that's the protag? He definitely looks generic enough to be an anime protagonist, but it's also possible that Atlus might be duping us and he'll turn out to be some other character in the game (especially since they showed him to us without a female protag counterpart; like I know Atlus likes to forget about Minako all the time due to her not being canon, but now that they've given the choice once I wouldn't think they'd try to create a whole new Persona without the option)

minako isnt canon

mc look like the gay twink who tells all his friend he loves the boobs but then in the classroom when everyone leave he get fucked in this ass

To everyone who is feeling bad about themselves today I would like to say the following:

You are a pretty rad person even when your brain is like hey guess what you’re a shitty dicklord who never does anything right and pees on all the things.So what you do is you put on your rad clothes and wear your own rad face and tell your brain that if it wants to mess with you it’s gotta go through me and probably like, at least twelve alpacas. And a goose. Fuckers are mean. 

You’re great ok you’re super great and I’m really really, reaLLY glad that you’re existing and being in the same general internet space as me and even if you’re not in my internet space you’re still pretty great. 

wasn’t xkit going to do a mobile app thing like if that happens I’ll be like *heart eyes emoji* all night long

If I was given control of the writing of OUAT I’d make it so everything is like TOP secret, and I’d find a way to shoot the whole season before airing, and then I’d release all these not really fake, but misleading spoilers about how CS is True Love and everything’s rainbows and butterflies and then in the first episode I’d hint at CS and Emma would open up to Mary Margaret and say something like ‘There’s this one person in my life who I think is bad for me’ and I’d make that look like she was talking about Regina and then she’d be like ‘and I think I’m in love. I’ve been in love for a long time now.’ and then something like ‘I think I figured it out when we were still in the Enchanted Forest’ adn EVERYONE would think she was talking about Hook



anonymous said:

You dedicated your whole youth to this band and they don't know you exist. What if you never meet them? EVER.

Well, I’ve learned a lot from them and they’ve made me a good person even if it’s only by a little bit and I think that’s good enough for me to appreciate as them having given something back to me. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of different people from everywhere around the world and they’ve all helped me in one way or another to become more mature and helped me grow over the years. (I was 15 and now I’m 21.) I learned a lot from ELF and from the boys in general. I have also learned a lot of things about myself too. And I don’t regret loving them and being dedicated to them even if I don’t ever meet them and even if they don’t know I exist.

One of my dreams is to meet Super Junior and to be honest, it was the only motivation getting me through life about 2-3 years ago because it was such a crappy year for me. It was the reason I wanted to get out of bed and go to school so I can get a god job later on in life and have money to attend their concert or go to S.Korea and meet them. Sounds stupid now I guess but the point is they are there for me when I am down and sometimes when I have a bad day they’re the only thing I think about and find myself cheering up or looking forward to the rest of the day. 

So yeah…I’m still going to be here for them, always. 

what if u pretended to get married had proposal pictures invitations family members flew in from all across the nation

the ceremony is going beautifully

ur mother is cryin

u about to do the kiss but then u both stop and scream PSYCH and run out before someone can shoot u

if i could cut off relationships with people on here without them getting all pissed and vagueing about me there are so many people i would stop being friends with you’d be surprised who they are too. everyone’s just really negative and who needs that

Cardiovascular Imaging – More than pretty pictures?

Current imaging technologies offer a number of choices that can at times be puzzling. The decision of which imaging modality to use on an individual patient must consider what clinical information is necessary and the question that needs to be answered. In these tough economic times cost effectiveness is more of an issue than ever before. It is important to bear in mind that it is not necessary to apply all available imaging tests to each individual patient. Often a single test will provide all clinically pertinent information and this approach may also be the cheapest; in the majority of cases this is most likely to be echocardiography. Of course, this does not mean that the cheapest test is necessarily always the most cost-effective, nor that one can always get by with using only a single modality.

How are your diagnostic skills? Put yourself to the test with our imaging cases, compiled by the experts for our Cardio-Zine.