I loved that “all about that bass” song the first time I heard it but I just heard it a second time and now I hate it


Whew, Okay! I guess this is a big list of blogs I like and mutuals of mine so here we go!

I don’t know how I’m going to organize this because everyone on this list is here for different reasons and theres no way to categorize them all under one but…..

THESE are all the people who are in my inner circle here on tumblr dot com who I’ve been mutuals with forever and who I’ve been through so much with and who are my best hennys: 

rachreilly reillyroyalty rhinejames vetoing ripamberborzotra drunkelissa candiestewart queenrafaelis jenjohnsons bombshelljanelle elissaslater livefeeds jennshitty victoriarafaeli danidonato nicolexfranzel victoriarafaelis jocastawarrior

And here are the other cute and amazing blogs that I love who are also really really really amazing people and all of these blogs are here for one reason or another and I have different relationships with all of them whether I talk to them or we’re huntys or I hardly talk to them but they definitely should be recognized:

babefranzelbrittanymartinischimacusvictimofyourpelvicsorceryryancrobertjocaztathe1989worldtourzacharyrance doritosmakeherdance initiat3 elissaslaterr stalians gaylorswifts thereecepagani fauxface lightstastic elisserslater shadyfucks aspiring816 tallarejaei jocastachrist obsessedbb16 backdoorteenmom brittanymartinezvevo jocostco veto-king garyglitters yourbbfavisproblematic borzotra instanteviction brithaynes elissa-slater kaysars morgangel pousseys-washington danieledonato bastiansschweinsteigers blkandsaint (yass mama) paolasheas eatyourfuckingfrootloops youarejanelle problematicasshouseguests junsongs danielle-reyes unemployedracist kingrances get-to-steppin thekeytothehohroom davidisbeyonce thequackpack

The ice bucket challenge is getting so annoying because it’s beginning to lose its meaning like people are doing it just to do it like they don’t even know what ALS is and they aren’t even donating to it and they are just pouring water all over themselves and it’s so annoying

justateenybit said:

You two really inspire me! I'm a 16 yr old who wants to be a visdev artist. I'm struggling to become a strong draftsman (color/painting comes easier to me) and am constantly comparing myself to wonderful artists on the internet. I know that art is God's calling for my life, and I shouldn't compare myself to others, but I'm confused as to how to improve. I read that you are self-taught, so I was wondering if you could give me any advice/words of wisdom. Thank you!

That’s awesome that you want to go this direction! We were 15 when we started to get really serious about art, because up until then, our art , well, let’s say we aren’t showing those drawings anytime soon . ;) So you’re young-er, and you don’t need to be comparing yourself to other artists! Actually, we all don’t need to compare ourselves to other artists! It really can wear on you after a while.
As for self-improvement, we’d encourage you to take classes if you can. If it’s available to you, that is. Our learning methods were quite straightforward in regards to being self-taught. Art of Books, looking at other artists’ blogs, and just drawing everyday (even during school if you can, haha) - take any opportune moment to study the works of people you admire. We never suggest down right copying someone’s work, but look for the aesthetics you find appealing and apply that in your work. Draw what you would like to see in your work, (even if it doesn’t come out right the first 1000 times) , and even branch out and try some other method too. We have found out that once you have kind if “mastered” one thing, even your inspirations branch out! For instance , we never really liked looking at pen and ink drawings, or didn’t find them to be as inspirational up until we started working with people at work who use it all the time! Mostly because of intimidation of never using the medium caused us to not find those mediums as enjoyable to look at. But now that we’ve dabbled in ink and watercolor , we enjoy that work a lot more now because we aren’t as “afraid” of using them. It’s like unlocking certain levels at a video game or something. Something just clicks. And that’s the fun part about being an artist. You’re always constantly growing, learning, and appreciating new things! Which all of this babbling is meant to say, at this point in your artistic journey , just have fun learning and just drawing for the enjoyment. We all tend to get wrapped up in one upping some other person or putting ourselves down, that the joy in creating art with an open and free mind becomes more of a chore. That’s just our opinion anyway. Good luck to you and God bless! Only with time and practice, will you reach a point where you can say , “I’ve got it!”. And when you reach that one point, you can move on to another! :)

anonymous said:

"If you could take your entire world," he says, "everything that matters the most to you, and ball all that up to fit in the palms of your hands, would you ever let someone else hold it? Would you ever trust someone else to keep it for even a second, and return it to you exactly the way it was before, unharmed, undamaged, exactly the way it was?" ha ha AHH AHAHA I'M FINE

(x) FUK i love that fic!! THAT PARAGRAPH GETS 2 ME SO BAD OH YM GOD like this fits them SO WELL tbh like i’d definitely say zayn was the more protective one, like he’s always helping liam when the other boys get too rowdy w. him or when zayn finds him in a spot of bother? eg;






AND this lil video *click* where liam fell down the hole, Zayn walks up to him asking if he’s okay and harry tries to help liam but zayn can see harry stuggling so zayn get’s ready to put his microphone in his pocket so he could help Liam out of it :’-( but ANYWAY there’s so many other instances. i think liam sometimes has the tendency to behave a bit child-like(?)/vulnerable at times bc he’s JUST SO PLAYFUL and maybe zayn just wants to guard him and gets that urge to shield him from anything and everything. even the littlest of things, no matter how petty. there r tears everywhere. </3

That’s totally normal! You’re only 13 and still going through the whole puberty stage and hormones are all over the place you’re gonna think a lot of things aha. Don’t sweat it, we’ve all been there.

AU where isaac erica and boyd never took the bite from derek, they still all became friends, boyd got someone to sit with at lunch, erica got people who don’t look at her like she’s a freak just because she has a medical issue she can’t control, isaac got away from his father and found a new family

and no one fucking dies 

anonymous said:

is it possible to b panromantic heterosexual like???? romantically attracted to all genders but sexually attracted to those with the opposite sex organs?? sorry if this doesn't make sense i'm just trying to figure this stuff out

its completely possibly to be romantically attracted but not sexually attracted to a gender! so yes, you could be panromantic heterosexual, its totally possible uvu

anonymous said:

what is ur family like

ok so: 
dad: he’s kinda moody i love him but he’s kinda inconsistent also problematic probably he  was a youth pastor for a while but he’s unemployed now recently and he has his masters in creative teaching and is rly smart and creative and is a good musician and song writer but he gets on my nerves sometimes 
mom: i loVE her so much she’s a doer and is very active and is almost always getting things done and she’s very anti-conflict and she’s a nurse and works with babies and uh loves travel she’s super nice and one of my best friends slightly problematic certainly not on the same level as my father
bodie: he’s my 20 yr old brother we’re very similar all we do it make fun of each other and we’re rly rude to each other in the best way and we both love books and movies and we watch tv shows together like we won’t watch community or bob’s burgers without each other and we talk a lot about random stuff including books, and recently like.. health like exercise and food
savannah: she’s 18 and very driven and ambitious and we’re really close except recently we haven’t been suPER close but we’re still good friends she’s really friendly and smart but not always super quick with comebacks or banter but we love her anyways and make fun of her often 
caeden: he’s my twin brother i love him sOoOOOO much we have a unique relationship and we argue kind of often but we also apologize often and hug a lot and we have a handshake that’s super rad and he’s really moody and sensitive and very VERy conscientious and also pretty innocent so we tell him how cute he is and talk about sex around him to make him uncomfortable sometimes lmao once i flipped someone off in the car with just my siblings he freaked out and got mad but didn’t tell our parents lmaO i love him sososososo much he’s one of my bffs

I’m actually pretty close with eVERYONE in my family like… they’re all close friends but ya i love them we’re all p cool i would explain all the dynamics but that would take SOOoOOo long

send me anons or ask me questions!! 

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