So, it’s finally that day: Blue Lily, Lily Blue’s release day. It has been a little over a year since The Dream Thieves came out, and what a year it has been.

Readers, thanks for allowing me another year of hunting for Glendower and Cabeswater all over the mountains I love.

We all have different perspective in life. We all have the right to decide what we want in life. We all have different attitude and how we see things. But whatever it is. We don’t have the right to judge a person base on their personality. We don’t have the right to question them why they are like that. We’re not the same. And you have to respect that they are the way they are.


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Das alles geht bis zum 25.10.2014

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On the Shelves in Oxford this week we are celebrating one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, Alan Turing, as well as one of the greatest Victorian novelists, Anthony Trollope. Jack Copeland’s biography of Turing reflects on all aspects of his life and work, from his important role at Bletchley Park to his tragic personal circumstances and death aged just 41. Anthony Trollope’s An Autobiography and Other Writings is the only autobiography written by a major Victorian novelist and also one of the strangest ever written. Trollope sheds light on his novel-writing style, and explains how he created richly comic novels such as Barchester Towers - also on our shelves this week.

Tuesday, that blob of gristle in the work week that we all just chew to death until its gone or put on the side of the plate until we can throw it away.

  • Me when Taylor recently joined tumblr:*acts normal all the time cause what if Taylor comes online*
  • Me when Taylor's been on tumblr for a month now:*is myself because Taylor doesn't creep out at any of us and instead laughs with us*
How strange it is, he says, for trees to be able to hold in the colors that they do, knowing winter is right there at their backs, teeth bared, ready to destroy it all. “Me, I wouldn’t be able to do it.” His smoker’s laugh peeks out from his mouth and dangles there for a moment. “I’d be the best tree. I’d burst with color for a few moons and then I’d face winter all quiet and still. I’d look her in the eye and say, ‘Destroy me. Do with me what you will. You can take my colors, my skin and bones, but you will not take my spirit.’ And that’s what life’s about right? Fighting for things that matter.”

But winter came and he was right. He couldn’t do it. He showed his colors and then died with the last of the flowers. And I think a part of me died with him.

—  Shelby Asquith, The Flashing Exit Signs I Didn’t See

Indigo is taking over the Simon & Schuster Canada Tumblr today with an exclusive Q&A with comedian Grace Helbig, author of Grace’s Guide.

1.      How did you find time to write this book?

To be honest, I have no idea. It happened in between creating weekly video content, releasing an independent film, and performing a live comedy tour. Sleep was that friend who kept asking me to hang out but I was all, “I can’t tonight, how about next week?” And when we finally got reunited, we picked up exactly where we left off. Sleeping.

2.      What was your inspiration for writing your book?

I got into a phase of reading self-help books after I graduated college. Some were helpful and some took themselves too seriously. I wanted to write a self- help-esque book that was stupid and serious at the same time. Something that felt both conversational and informative. When you read it, I want it to feel like you’re talking with a friend. Your friend who happens to be a 14-year-old trapped in a 29-year-old’s body 

3.      Past Grace is given future Grace’s book but can only read one chapter. Which chapter would future Grace recommend past Grace to read? 

The chapter about handling anxiety. It was the most personal to write and the one I’ve gotten the most sincere feedback on so far. I haven’t talked about my anxiety too openly before and it seems like it’s definitely something a lot of people deal with in different ways. Anxiety is very trendy, y’all!  

4.      At what age do you think you’ll officially feel like a grown-up?

I hope I never officially feel like a grown-up. 

5.      Any plans to write another book?

Any plan to MIND YO BUSINESS? Sike! Just kidding! I would LOVE to write another book.

6.      Is Goose back from training yet? If so, how is she doing now?

lol. I wish she was more evolved and could hear and understand that someone asked about her. She’s been back for a week and a half and will go back into some more training while I’m on tour. She’s doing better. She’s a unique creature, that’s why I love her.

7.      What’s your favourite book?

Harold and the Purple Crayon

8.      What’s your favourite soup?

French fries

9.      What song should Canadians listen to, to help us survive the coming cold weather?

She Bangs” by the greatest Canadian I know, Ricky Martin