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Natasha <3

Sexuality Headcanon: bisexual/greyromantic or asexual/aromantic

Gender Headcanon: girl

A ship I have with said character: natasha/gamora, natasha/bucky, natasha/clint, 

A BROTP I have with said character: natasha/gamora, natasha/bucky

A NOTP I have with said character: natasha/any members of hydra, natasha/bruce

A random headcanon: secretly into indie photography, has a room in her apartment filled wall-to-wall with polaroids, actual alternative trash, loves pumpkin spice lattes

General Opinion over said character: kind of want her to step on me, kind of want to watch from a safe distance as her and gamora step on eachother?

send me a character!

This is my cat Julie. She’s the light of my life and my perfect little baby. Also, she’s the sweetest cat ever to exist❤️

AHHHHH!!! HOW CUTE! I LOVE HER LIL NOSE SPOT thats totally adorable *cuddles forever*

“Taylor Swift: megawatt talent, an extraordinary spirit, an impossibly charming blend of impishness, poise and radiance to spare. All of it combines to rock me back on my heels every time I see her. Both literally and figuratively, she’s a woman who writes her own songs. That makes for music that’s personal, of the moment and impossible to resist.

I’m amazed at how much earned wisdom Taylor threads into her work. She seems tuned in to the greater good, and she embraces—thoughtfully and authentically—the chance to contribute to the world. I’m always trying to find the best words to talk to my kids (and myself) about growing up, but you can’t top her beautifully articulated advice. The haters are gonna hate, but, well, shake it off. She illuminates our inner music that lets us dance to our own beat.

Along with her staggering list of accomplishments, perhaps the most exciting thing about Taylor is that she’s just getting started with what she plans to mine from her fierce, curious, boundlessly talented and beautiful heart.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that she named her cat after me.” 

Taylor Swift by Mariska Hargitay for TIME