My #1 Tip for Doing Well at University
  • Sit down with all your syllabi and a calendar. Paper, digital, it doesn’t matter. 
  • Put all your deadlines into your calendar.
  • Look at it.
  • See how they tend to clump together? Just because they’re due at the same time doesn’t mean you have to do them at the same time.
  • Work out which assignments you can do ahead of time. If you’re in Arts & Humanities, that’s all of them.
  • Assign each assignment you have an entire week in your calendar. Do not overlap them.
  • Block out the weeks very visibly and label them with which assignment you’ll be working on. 
  • Advanced Nerd Power Up: give yourself at least a week of wiggle room in case you finish the assignment and decide you could do better and want to try again.
  • If you’re worried you’ll forget about your schedule, get a poster-size, reusable wall calendar and put your monthly schedule on it. Update it weekly so that the next month peeks in from the bottom. Put it somewhere you can’t miss it.
  • Know what you should be working on at all times.
  • Follow your schedule. Do your assignments on your deadlines, not theirs.
  • On the days these assignments are due, all you need to do it print/submit them. You will be the most chill person you know. No all-nighters, no panic.
  • Enjoy your place on the honour roll/dean’s list.

1. “You were the only girl I almost said I love you.”

2. “Who cares about the other girls if the only one who matters to me is you.”

3. “Maybe we’re going to fast. I don’t know. But I want to be with you. Every day if I could.”

4. “I don’t image me without all of this. You are already a part of my life.”

5. “You have no idea how happy having you to call the moment I wake up makes me.”

6. “I like you. I’m sorry.”

7. “I like you. And among all the girls in the world, I will always prefer you.”

8. “Do you really think I don’t miss you? That I don’t miss being with you?”

9. “Like you, I got tired you know? ”

10. “I like you. So much. You have no idea.”

11. “I miss you so much.

—  things I wish you’d never said because now I don’t know what to think about what we were and what we still are
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anonymous said:

While it is funny and the things you post are cute, I don't know if it's fair to subject people of color who hear racist talk all the time to some of the anons you receive.

I will tag those asks as “racist” from now on, that way anyone who doesn’t want to see them can block the tag. Here’s some info on how to block tags (1) (2) (3)

I will also cut back on the number of racist asks I answer. It totally slipped my mind that some of them may be triggering.

Here’s a list of the tags I currently use. Let me know if you think I should add any others.

(I’ve never blocked a tag before so I’m not sure how helpful this will be.)