Meetups / Bethesda North Marriott Hotel, in conjunction with SPX 2013

Date:Sunday, September 15th, 2013 (7 months ago)
Time:11:00 am
mdt8 months ago - Organizer

Can’t wait to see everyone at the show / meet-up!

In the meantine, you can keep up with all SPX news at:!


bonniewatts8 months ago - RSVP'd
Can’t wait!
anniestoll8 months ago - RSVP'd
How super exciting~!!
artbypatch8 months ago - RSVP'd
Met so many wonderful people last year! Wouldn’t miss it!
dumplingheart8 months ago - RSVP'd
Last year’s meetup was great! Can’t wait to meet more folks this year too! EXCITED!
ourbetsy8 months ago
I’m new to Tumblr. What’s the Meet-up about and is it a certain age group? I live in Wash., DC
hanoodles7 months ago - RSVP'd
mdt7 months ago - Organizer
Last year we had 47 people RSVP! We’re up over 60 with two weeks to go! That’s rad!
keicai7 months ago - RSVP'd
I loved last year’s meetup and I’m so excited to go again and meet even more tumblr SPX goers!
mdt7 months ago - Organizer
Going to be debuting some special art this weekend created for the SPX Tumblr. Excited to share it with you! And we’ll have prints of the piece at the Meet-Up - just for you guys :)
meisterj7 months ago - RSVP'd
I missed it lastt year, but I’m ready and I have comics!
unicornflakes7 months ago - RSVP'd
heidiblack7 months ago - RSVP'd
not quite sure where exactly we’re meeting, but I’ll come wander around looking lost!