Meetups / Trafalgar Square

Date:Saturday, August 24th, 2013 (7 months ago)
Time:11:00 am
byematthew8 months ago - RSVP'd
omg no I’m the first I swear I’m not stalking rach shush
mattsmithissexy8 months ago - Organizer
Whatever ya say Emma.
byematthew8 months ago - RSVP'd
icanbakeyeah8 months ago
Where in Trafalgar Square?
mattsmithissexy8 months ago - Organizer
Outside the Art Gallery :).
mytardismydoctor8 months ago - RSVP'd

i’ve confirmed but the email that i’ve confirmed with isnt the email i sent before

so could you use the other one (:

smillanhurtsmyfeels8 months ago
I wish I could come. WHY CAN’T I LIVE IN LONDON?! And it’s two days before my birthday… fml T_T
psycho-punk8 months ago - RSVP'd
Hi! This looks like its gonna be really good, never been to something like this before. Excited!
raggedymans8 months ago - RSVP'd
kenyaapril8 months ago - RSVP'd
Totally going :D see y’all there!!
robbywho8 months ago - RSVP'd
Hi!! I’m going to be there! I’m Italian and I really want to meet new people :) :) See you soon then !
mattsmithscock8 months ago - RSVP'd
Anyone definitely gonna dress up, I’m still debating whether to brave the trains while wearing my fez and tweed :P
benedictis8 months ago - RSVP'd
raggedymans8 months ago - RSVP'd
im gonna wear a normal shirt
maybe my matt one
danssmith8 months ago - RSVP'd
I only just saw this i’m sorry jesus christ don’t trust me with anything
theunholybroken8 months ago
I want to go D: I don’t know if I could, I live in Hastings so it’s not too bad in price to get to London, well at off peak times. Hmm.
eddadella7 months ago - RSVP'd
Ooohh I might come…
Tho I always tend to sit by myself on meetups because I’m tooo shyyy xD haha
delphineniehaus17 months ago - RSVP'd
im coming but by docttor who blog is kinkykingston not this one
mattsmithissexy7 months ago - Organizer
So many people are coming and i’m scared :D.
eddadella7 months ago - RSVP'd
Not to scare everyone off even tho I have a 1D blog I’m a massive DW fan xD I just don’t have a tumblr about it anymore…
psycho-punk7 months ago - RSVP'd
Is there a number I can text if I’m running late? So excited! Anyone else travelling from Oxford?
vnpresentable7 months ago - RSVP'd
I might be able to attend this but i’m not really sure at what time if anything i’ll be able to get there :/
mattsmithissexy7 months ago - Organizer
Well my number is 07729477557 you can text if you are running late / want to meet with us later…
eddadella7 months ago - RSVP'd
Okayy Just decided I’ll show up.. but yeah I’m a bit shy and soo so uhm haha xD yeah
eddadella7 months ago - RSVP'd
Welll it will be raining all day„„ so I stay home,
eddadella7 months ago - RSVP'd
or I come anyways xD arrghh idk xDhaha
the-0dd-creature7 months ago
I don’t know if i should go or not if I go I’ll probably just sit there not saying anything ._.