Meetups / Woodland Mall

Date:Saturday, June 8th, 2013 (10 months ago)
Time:1:00 pm
spectrum-edits11 months ago - RSVP'd
I’m excited to be co-hosting :)
fr3qu3ntly11 months ago - Organizer
The meetup’s official location will be in the food court at Woodland Mall. Cafe in the Woods, i think is the name? We will be congregating there. Bring a friend!
kristophori11 months ago - RSVP'd
I really should probably go to this and meet people.
candabear11 months ago - RSVP'd
maybs ill go and probs show up drunk
found4tions11 months ago
My friends & I are thinking about coming. What all do we do there? Could someone inform me in my messages? Btw we’re under 15 but over 12 can we still go?
closetbrit11 months ago - RSVP'd
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it, but I figured I’d RSVP either way. Any other Calvin people? :)
hellolindsay11 months ago
why the fuck would anyone wanna meet at woodland mall?
fr3qu3ntly11 months ago - Organizer
Where else do you propose it be held at, hellolindsay?
fr3qu3ntly11 months ago - Organizer
It needs to be held in a public place, and I figured that Woodland Mall is most convenient for most people in the GR area to get to.
artisancomposer11 months ago - RSVP'd
artisancomposer11 months ago - RSVP'd
when does it end?
fr3qu3ntly11 months ago - Organizer
Hey Mason! It ends around 4 pm, or whenever you need/want to leave. It’s at a mall, so people can come and go freely, or go get food or walk around or whatever. :)
locsgirl10 months ago
During the same time as the Festival of the Arts? Come on! >_< XD
matt-010 months ago - RSVP'd
Shiiiiiiit I might have to attend
eatmyshortsbender10 months ago
but but but birthday bash =[ maybe next time guise.
fr3qu3ntly10 months ago - Organizer
I’ll be buying candy for this, so that we can all eat and get fat. Any suggestions? I’ll probably be picking up Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, some sort of chocolate (M&M’s, Hershey’s Kisses?). Any comments would help, so I know what you guys would like! I’m so excited to meet you all! :)
fr3qu3ntly10 months ago - Organizer
And Festival of the Arts is also in GR, so if you can swing by amidst the festivities for a bit that would be cool too. And on the candy topic once more, I will be bringing prepackaged candies as well, because I know how unnerving it must be taking candy from complete strangers you met over the internet. It’ll be wrapped.