Meetups / Infinitea

Date:Saturday, May 11th, 2013 (11 months ago)
Time:12:00 am
gravityymind1 year ago - Organizer

Meetups / Infinitea. What the actual fuck? Lol. I apologize for my stupidity. So anyway, are you guys excited for this year’s Bataan Summer Meet-up 3? And we promise, together with my fellow organizers that this will be the most exciting meet-up! (We’ll try, okay? lol)

So what are you guys waiting for? Invite your friends and fellow Bataenos to joing this year’s Bataan Meet-up! Stay informed by checking #batmu3. See you all guys around!

PS: Please reblog the post, keep update and sign the RSVP.

gravityymind1 year ago - Organizer
*keep updated - another stupidty. lol
prinsesanginaantok1 year ago - RSVP'd
12am?! o.O
gravityymind1 year ago - Organizer

Guys, another mistake! Lol. Okay so here’s some of our information regarding our meet-up!

Tentative Date: May 11, 2013 | 1PM.
Where: Infinitea (near the old Beanery 2)
Organizers: gravityymind, monomial, missmanhater & bigboynasipepe

We’re open for your concerns and suggestions. Thanks! Check #batmu3 and be updated, thank you!

missmanhater1 year ago - RSVP'd
Isend mo an sakin sponsorship letter james. Ng maano na sa mga pulitiko. Charaught. hahahahahaha dali na. send mo sa fb. ako na magprint please. dalian mo haha. madami ako inaasikaso. huhu
scorchingraymart1 year ago
bataan talaga?? :(
foolofcharm1 year ago
aw. natapat na preboard namin sa Succeed. </3
gravityymind1 year ago - Organizer
Guys, tell this and invite our fellow Bataan Tumbloggers to join this year’s Bataan Summer Meet-up and keep updated by checking #batmu3. If you guys have any suggestions and concerns feel free to message me. Thank you guys! We’ll see you soon! :-)
drunkwithisthoughts12 months ago - RSVP'd
It’s like 2 weeks nalang before yung meet up! Hey fellas don’t forget to spread the news about the meet up! Somebody might miss it! Reblog always or look at #batmu3 for updates, okay? God Bless ya all!
naughtine12 months ago
Sana makapunta hahaha.
gravityymind12 months ago - Organizer
2 weeks left ‘till Bataan Summer Meet-up, guys! Again, guys I would like you to be updated all the time because we’re still not sure about the venue. But we can assure you that this would be the most exciting meet-up, ever, here in Bataan. So what are you guys waiting for? Invite our fellow Bataan bloggers to RSVP here and join the most exciting meet-up! So, I guess I will all see you soon, alright? :-)
foolofcharm12 months ago
till what time po kaya to? baka pwede kaming humabol after pre-board. :))
steffibeybe12 months ago
See you!!
missmanhater11 months ago - RSVP'd
Punta kayo ha! Mag aya kayo ng madaming madami. Bawal ang OP. Di namin hahayaan na may ma a-out of place. Kaya kahit mag isa lang kayo, punta kayo. Message niyo na lang ako, para mapaghandaan natin pagiging close naten. hahahahaha. Ako bahala sa inyo
incredulousblogger11 months ago - RSVP'd
Missmanhater, sure ya ah~ HAHAHAHA. xD first bataan mu ko ‘to eh:))
bertongputik11 months ago - RSVP'd
Yehey. 29 na. :)
drunkwithisthoughts11 months ago - RSVP'd
11 till 40!
drunkwithisthoughts11 months ago - RSVP'd
Can’t wait to meet all of you fellow Tumbloggers! :D
drunkwithisthoughts11 months ago - RSVP'd
9 days Till the Meet Up! Invite all of our fellow tumbloggers to participate in this fun and much awaited meet up of the year!
batopiks11 months ago - RSVP'd
Yay. :)
ohpatrick11 months ago - RSVP'd
james. sms me.
drunkwithisthoughts11 months ago - RSVP'd
6 days till the much awaited meet up in Bataan, notify our fellow tumbloggers to come and join this fun and exciting Meet Up!
gravityymind11 months ago - Organizer
Guys, for your friends who haven’t signed the RSVP page yet, please do tell them to sign. We need the exact number of attendees for the food. Here’s a little reminders for everyone: First, overnight ‘yung meet-up, so we suggest you to bring extra clothes. Second, we’ll be asking for a 50 php for the catering (I think hindi naman gano’n kabigat ang 50 pesos. Para naman sa pagkain natin ‘to). Again, if you guys have any concerns and questions don’t hesitate to message me. So, I’ll see you this Saturday, okay? :-)
steffibeybe11 months ago
35 na :-) shet excited lalo
missmanhater11 months ago - RSVP'd
Juice ko, ilang araw na lang.. Hahahaha
tenortwo11 months ago
Gusto kong I-try umattend :)
drunkwithisthoughts11 months ago - RSVP'd
haha 2 more till 40. I hope lahat maka attend sa Meet Up this saturday na!!
drunkwithisthoughts11 months ago - RSVP'd
I day more till the meet up, i’m so excited :)
missmanhater11 months ago - RSVP'd
Punta na kayo ha. Magdala na din kayo ng extrang damit at “pangloob” hahahahaha para sa mga mag swimming, overnight. Syempre mahihiya hiya pa kayo non kaya di niyo sasabihin na may dala kayong damit. Pero pag andun na, wild na siguro kayo non. hahahaha
matabaaaangpisnge11 months ago - RSVP'd
Nakakahiya pumunta. :(
gravityymind11 months ago - Organizer
Guys, ‘wag kayong mahiya. Kami na nagsasabi ni missmanhater, walang ma-oop sainyo. Lahat tayo mag-eenjoy, kung ang kinakatakot niyo ay ‘yung ma-op kayo or nahihiya kayong mapunta, okay lang ‘yan, basta ‘wag na kayong mahiya at hindi kayo ma-oop. Wala pa’kong ginawa na meet-up na may na-op. Kaya ako na nagsasabi sainyo na lahat tayo mag-eenjoy dito. 1 day left ‘till the meet-up. Make sure to RSVP and invite our fellow Bataan bloggers to attend. See you all this Saturday! :-)
lalakengweirdo11 months ago - RSVP'd
Oh! Excited for tommorow! Kita kits Guys :”>
missmanhater11 months ago - RSVP'd
Hindi po namin kayo pinipilit na mag overnight po. Okay lang po kahit hindi. Kasi sa hapon talaga gagawin yung mga nasabing activities o kung ano pa man. Syempre yung iba di talaga papayagan kasi malalayo o bata pa. Yung ibang mag overnight kwentuhan lang naman mangyayari non kaya okay lang. Kitakits mamaya :-)