Meetups / Hyde Park

Date:Friday, June 14th, 2013 (10 months ago)
Time:3:00 pm
Venue:Hyde Park
thewrongway1311 months ago
*8758934758934785 people wishing they were from England* :(
nehoria11 months ago - Organizer
sigh :(
cassiejohnson11 months ago
Literally two days after I leave Europe. Shiiiiiiiiiit.
nehoria11 months ago - Organizer
oh, bummer!!!111!!!11
obsxure11 months ago
omg really want to go argh
nehoria11 months ago - Organizer
omg if you can please come it is going to be really fun!!
brilloarmadillo11 months ago
nehoria11 months ago - Organizer
kenyaapril10 months ago - RSVP'd
Hey, can anyone come?
nehoria10 months ago - Organizer
Yes!!! Anyone can come :D
z-oh10 months ago - RSVP'd
I’d like to come c:
nehoria10 months ago - Organizer
You’re more than welcome :D
nattiedred10 months ago - RSVP'd
Omg.. I’m coming aloneeeee :( #skurrrd ..
nehoria10 months ago - Organizer
you won’t be alone we will all (hopefully all 11 of us) be there :D
pls-sir10 months ago - RSVP'd
oooh i live quite close to hype park
nehoria10 months ago - Organizer
yay :D come along
85years10 months ago
it seems so cool, apart from the whole meeting part, i’ll probably be hiding behind a tree somewhere having palpitations
nehoria10 months ago - Organizer
honestly i don’t even know where we’re going to meet at hyde park :p but ya know just come it’ll be fun c:
lil-sosa10 months ago
how many people are coming? it sounds fun