Zloty / McDonalds

Data:Saturday, July 20th, 2013 (1 rok temu)
Godzina:3:00 pm
heilhydrra1 rok temu - Organizator
Social event of the season! This is mainly a fandom meet up, but please feel free to come along anyway. c:
merloonyforlife1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
OMG! I want to come! :D I never thought there would be one in scotland :3 Yay! :D
heilhydrra1 rok temu - Organizator
+ Prize for best costume.
Nobody is being forced to bring a costume,but more fun if you do!!
Oooooh! I really want to come! I’ll put in for time off work for that weekend so until then it’s a maybe (soon to be a yes!!)
argonboron1 rok temu
I wanna come! So let’s say a maybe from me :D
youre-brilliant1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
Hi, I’ve been putting together a more specific meet up at 2pm, but I’m guessing from your username that we have overlapping interests, would it be okay if I came along/brought along any of my group that want to come?
ikawaiicrap1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
im going to try my hardest and come
heilhydrra1 rok temu - Organizator
Yes, of course! I’ll come in early if you’d like but yeah definitely!
power-pony-up1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
u suk
heilhydrra1 rok temu - Organizator
power-pony-up1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
y so mean
heilhydrra1 rok temu - Organizator
Sorry to announce that I wont make it, sorry guys. Have a good time though.