Treffen / MegaCon (North D1 Lobby)

Datum:Saturday, March 16th, 2013 (vor 1 jahr)
Zeit:2:00 pm
cabbagepatchcatVor 1 Jahr
I will try my best to be there!!
radiofedoraVor 1 Jahr - Organisator
Thank you to everyone who has RSVP’d so far! I’m really looking forward to getting to hang out with all of you! <3
mimzorsVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
I can’t wait to see every one!!
brotisserie-chickenVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
gonna try my best. with my luck i might be working both days
vexkunVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
Hope I don’t forget about it, I’ll be a Sith Marauder on Sat.
mypastwillnotbemyfutureVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
I hope to be there :D I’ll be the wookie
radiofedoraVor 1 Jahr - Organisator
I’ll be dressed as Thief King Bakura from Yugioh on Saturday during the meetup, but if anyone’s wandering around on Friday, I’ll be cosplaying Elphaba from Wicked. :D
alicetteryderVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
I’ll most likely be there.
enkidududududududuVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
can’t wait, It will be so much fun, I’m going to be My little pony Rarity
poowulpiVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
OOOOH SWEET this is the day I’m cosplayinggg 8D
canadianadivaVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
I can’t remember who I’ll be cosplaying on Saturday, but I will certainly be there.
powwyVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
This sounds so fun! I’ll be Chie Satonaka from Persona 4~
radiofedoraVor 1 Jahr - Organisator
Actually, I’ll be Elphaba on Saturday, and Bakura on Friday. :D
foxeschasehoundsVor 1 Jahr
damn it im flying back up to see my family two days before this! UGH
mister-duncanVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
I might be there. Here’s to hoping
Maybe. I am cosplaying Pinkie Pie (gala)
radiofedoraVor 1 Jahr - Organisator
So, apparently I’m only going to be able to make it on Saturday. D: BUT!!! I still get to see all of you! <3
chillyminccinoVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
See you all on Saturday!
puddingdeficientVor 1 Jahr - Geantwortet
I was at the con and looked for the meetup but I couldn’t find you guys!
radiofedoraVor 1 Jahr - Organisator
We wandered around looking for people, but… we only had five or six people. That… that kind of sucked. Sorry, everyone.