Zloty / IKEA

Data:Saturday, April 6th, 2013 (1 rok temu)
Godzina:12:00 pm
its-gold1 rok temu - Organizator
-Meet up at the food area (downstairs)
-Hide-n-seek? Explore IKEA?
-Maybe some photography activity for the photographers?
-Any ideas?
natittie1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
them meatballs at IKEA be the shit yo.(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*BALLS*~✧』disclaimer: I don’t really talk like that.
rvasquez60891 rok temu
Wish I COULD GOOOOO my spring break ends on april 1st! and i have to go back to college in missouri. :(
hornyvirginproblems1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
Lol, dis is happening in 69 days.
ms-roguewave1 rok temu
its-gold1 rok temu - Organizator
I figured it would be fun to have a meetup at IKEA, since everyone else is going for the typical Starbucks and Barnes & Noble. ):
asianlauren1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
holy crap, there are never meetups in houston. i’m defiantly coming to this!
kodakmoments19941 rok temu
omg I must go to this I have been waiting for a Houston one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
sooo far way!!!!!! :(
nereydakat1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
woohooo wearing my tumblr day tshirt
eighteenedges1 rok temu
So what exactly goes down at these events ?
legalloony1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
I’ll try my best to make it. Hmm…
dawnawakened1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
I hope I can make it.
pussylagoon1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
I’m clearly missing the whole interest in IKEA here
its-gold1 rok temu - Organizator
You guys, is it okay if I move it to 3:00?
nereydakat1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
fine with me
omg hey how are we going to know whose a meetup friend and a lonly stranger?
should we like idk dress in the same color have a designated code word ;o
nereydakat1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
33 people are attending O.O Ikea is going to be pissed with a whole bunch of teenagers walking around <.>
itsaboutlovenotlust1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
I’ll try my best to be there! It sounds like a lot of fun!
its-gold1 rok temu - Organizator
Okay, since they never sent me the Meetup Kit, I guess we can have “Patrick Star” as the code word. Lol. We’ll all be meeting up at the downstairs cafeteria so if you see a wanderer then they must be one of us!
cornysex1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
I wish this was a week later. :c
lucydaddy1 rok temu
Wuuuuut I wanna goo!!!
maintain--control1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
Ive totally been needing to go back to ikea! I think I’m gona go to this!
asianlauren1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
Whaaa. I wish I could go, but I have something to do at 4. :c