Encontros / Georges Square

Data:Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 (há 1 ano)
Horário:2:00 pm
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subw4vesHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
well excited xox
sounds gidd
sexandstretcherzHá 1 ano - Organizador
Looks like it could have a decent turn out, I didn’t make it too early like the other ones people do cause I couldn’t be bothered getting outta bed for that on a Saturday :L
thedonorbluesHá 1 ano
I live like 4 hours away but I think i’ll come if I can find money, it’d be fun
methr4yHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
Sounds pretty decent, it’ll be nice to meet new people (:
sexandstretcherzHá 1 ano - Organizador
I’ll post on facebook as well closer to the day getting a lot more people to turn up, but yeah it should be really good getting to meet new people :)
idontlovey0uHá 1 ano
I might actually come to this but what actually happens at these things? Is it just wee arseholes offering free hugs to strangers?
sexandstretcherzHá 1 ano - Organizador
Never been to one before because the turn outs never look good so I don’t bother even though the English ones look quite good, but this one looks like it might actually be a decent turn out. I think there’s some youtube videos of some English tumblr meetups. Basically just meeting new people and introducing yourself etc, but then there’s some people who will probably want to get drunk/high as well so they’re more socialable but I guess the only way to find out if it’s actually good is to turn up and see.
do-you-dare-to-dreamHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
I will try and make it hopefully i can looks like its going to be fun xD
canwebevampiresHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
This is straight after N0r3fl3ction’s birthday party, if I’m not hungover/if I have money, I’ll go c:
procrastination-is-not-lazinessHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
I’m gonna try and be there if I can get time off of work, since I’ve never been to a meetup before… Looking forward to it! :D
e-n-a-eHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
if I’m off work , I am coming!
im-not-yours-to-keepHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
ill go c:
diorisd0peHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
im going (:
luneelfeHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada

I remember when less than 20 were attending omg I can’t wait though!

Miss you Greig! :(

angelalatbh-xoHá 1 ano
This is me just noticing it. If I can find someone to go with then I’ll be there :D
sexandstretcherzHá 1 ano - Organizador
I’m actually looking forward to this, haha
bendyrulersHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
sure why not u w u
scottnesssHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
just noticed this, but if i have the money i’ll come, nice to meet other tumblr users haha xo
touchmynirvanaHá 1 ano
i want to come but i might be busy:(:(
sexandstretcherzHá 1 ano - Organizador
I’m going to a party on Friday but I’ll still definitely be there on Saturday at 2pm at Georges square probably at the Lions or the benches even if I’ll be a bit hungover. I’ll arrive with a few people, also I don’t have my white hair any more, it’s all brown so I’m a bit harder to spot now, but anyone who turns up I’ll be happy to talk to and meet. Feel free to send me asks on this if you’d like to talk before this or on facebook(My link is on my tumblr)
I think ill come for a little while! I have a gig later that night so if i can drag a friend along i’ll be there for a bit! c:
sexandstretcherzHá 1 ano - Organizador
Awwh, it’ll be good to see you Kate(You croc!) <3
angelalatbh-xoHá 1 ano
I have a question…how are we gonna know who’s actually there for the meetup? Knowing my luck I’ll walk up to some random guy, hoping he has tumblr :\ ;L
sexandstretcherzHá 1 ano - Organizador
Well there should be a group of people near the lions so you’ll know by there. It’s too bad my hairs not white anymore or I’d be pretty noticeable, but my hairs a dark brown and it’ll be styled quite big
ayo-muhfuckasHá 1 ano
aw wish i could go :(:(:( i don’t have the time to get the train in tho :(