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Date:Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 (1 year ago)
Time:12:00 pm
hornofgondor2 years ago - Organizer
-This is for the Wholock Christmas Meetup 2012 :)-
groovygenes2 years ago - RSVP'd
Count me in! :’D
yaniclovers1 year ago
Wholock? Please say it’s a mashup of Doctor Who and Sherlock!
m-asamune1 year ago
DAMMIT! I wanna go! Damn me for living in America’s… ;’(
avender1 year ago - RSVP'd
I’ve been looking for something like this, yesssssssss :D
goldsoulvi1 year ago
This looks interesting… :-)
oswinlost1 year ago - RSVP'd
Is this still happening? :)
imhomiho1 year ago - RSVP'd
I think it’s still happening! There were like 20 people going the last time I checked :P Also, I’m Miho and I’m bringing along a friend and we’re probably going to be a little bit late so it’d be ace if you guys hung around for a while ><!
drawfire1 year ago
Count me in!!! :D
avender1 year ago - RSVP'd
I’m running a little late, should be there a quarter past!!