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Why Tumblr?
1. Because Tumblr is the best place for creators to find an audience for their content.
There are 202 million blogs on Tumblr, and 70% of our users say the dashboard is their favorite place to spend time online.
Source: Tumblr internal
2. Because the dashboard makes it easy for people to discover and share your content.
Tumblr is for curating and sharing content. 94% of the posts people make are reblogs of content they find here.
Source: Tumblr internal
3. Because brands are welcome as creators themselves with content users want to see.
Tumblr is ranked #1 in social sentiment towards brands. 95% of users who follow one, recommend them to others.
Sources: Ipsos Content Ingestion Study.
Adobe, Social Intelligence Report for Q3 2013

Yes, we've got ad products.
And yes. They're completely native to the platform. Choose from three different products across web and mobile.
Sponsored Posts
Give your posts a massive head start on engagement. Sold on a CPE basis, Sponsored Posts are just like regular Tumblr posts—just way more visible and targetable based on gender, location, and interest.

Sponsored Posts + Yahoo
Sponsored Posts can be syndicated to Yahoo for added reach.
Together, Yahoo and Tumblr reach 800MM unique
visitors per month.

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