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Savvy brands understand that the best way to make an impact on an advertising-saturated audience is to go beyond just shouting slogans to tell stories and create useful content. Tumblr’s publishing platform is perfectly suited for this.
Hayes Davis, founder and CEO of Union Metrics (Why 2013 Is The Year You Need To Get Serious About Tumblr — Forbes, Jan 24, 2013)
At Ford Motor Company we are committed to giving our consumers robust content. Tumblr’s ad units helped us launch a successful campaign for the Ford Escape and allowed us to grow interest around the program Escape My Life by aiding in content distribution.
Erica Bigley, Digital Media Manager at Ford Motor Company
Comedy Central has viewed Tumblr as a great platform for our brand for a long time and we have taken great care to build a vibrant community on it. Our fans love the content we put on Tumblr.
Don Steele, Vice President Digital Marketing/Fan Engagement, Comedy Central
We’ve been thrilled to see the Tumblr community’s reaction to the content GE has out there and we’re excited to scale it further with mobile.
Linda Boff, Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing, GE
Tumblr’s geo-targeted ads allowed us to amplify our content and deliver meaningful social impacts. As a very visual medium, Tumblr aligns perfectly with Sharpie as the conduit to creativity.
Susan Wassel, Director Social Media, Sharpie
Tumblr has been a godsend for us. Tumblr has allowed for a positive conversation about TV around our brand – and that conversation is almost all positive. We had success without Radar placement, but those Radar placements helped give a sustained shot in the arm.
Ben Collins, Editor, Hulu

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During the World Cup we were working with Millward Brown Digital, a market research firm, to understand the impact that Sponsored Posts have on user attitudes towards advertisers. What we found was that engagement, especially earned engagement, is incredibly effective at boosting key awareness and association measures. Adweek did a quick write up about the study here, but we also thought you might be interested in seeing the results first-hand.

"BecauseFútbol is all about the celebration of fan passion, and our partnership with Tumblr was the key to connecting, inspiring and engaging fans—turning that futbol fan passion into Hyundai brand engagement.”

—Steve Shannon, Vice President of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America

Hyundai’s goal

As an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since 2002, Hyundai wanted passionate soccer fans to associate their brand and message with one of the biggest sporting events in the world.


Their solution

Hyundai and their agency, INNOCEAN USA, envisioned and executed the #becausefútbol campaign using Tumblr as the hub for engaging soccer fans across multiple social channels. In addition to the community’s incredible passion for fútbol, Tumblr provided them with the flexibility to run a complex multi-channel campaign from a single platform. Their content, which was designed for Tumblr and cross-published to other networks, came from three main sources: Hyundai’s marketing team, commissioned artists from the Tumblr community, and submissions from followers and fans.

To help their content stand out amid all the activity surrounding the world cup, Hyundai sponsored a number of the posts they created and curated. By getting #becausefútbol content to their target audience faster, they increased earned engagement during their campaign and, ultimately, sponsorship and message association among Tumblr users.

Hyundai also encouraged people to share their passion in the real world. More than 100 pieces of content created for were featured on a digital billboard in Times Square. They also curated a list of venues where fans could go to watch the games together.

The results

Based on the analysis from Millward Brown Digital it’s clear that engagement was the primary driver of sponsorship and message association with Hyundai’s FIFA World Cup sponsorship. While paid engagement had a clear and measurable impact, it was the resulting earned engagement from users sharing #becausefútbol content with others and advocating for Hyundai’s brand that had the greatest return on investment.

Lift in Sponsorship Association

Both paid and earned engagement with a Sponsored Post increased the number of Tumblr users who knew Hyundai was an official sponsor of the FIFA 2014 World Cup.

Compared to the control group, there was a:

  • 31% lift in sponsorship association among people who engaged with Hyundai’s paid placement, and
  • 176% lift in sponsorship association among people who engaged with Hyundai’s earned media (earned engagement).

Lift in Message Association

Both paid and earned engagement with a Sponsored Post increased users’ association between Hyundai and the #becausefutbol tagline. 

Compared to the control group, there was a:

  • 38% lift in message association among people who engaged with a paid placement, and 
  • 135% lift in message association among people who engaged with Hyundai’s earned media (earned engagement).