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    BBC - History - Ancient History in depth: Viking Religion


    The age of conversion

    The Viking Age was a period of considerable religious change in Scandinavia. Part of the popular image of the Vikings is that they were all pagans, with a hatred of the Christian …

  2. Feasting and politics in Viking Iceland

    Vikings are known for raiding and trading, but those who settled in Iceland centuries ago spent more time producing and consuming booze and beef – in part to gain political clout in a place very …

  3. The Sagas of the Icelanders shed light on Golden Age
    Ryan Stone, ancient-origins.net

    The Sagas of the Icelanders have long been preserved as the most comprehensive specimen of the literary culture of the 13th and 14th centuries of Iceland. In writing these sagas, many attributes of the 10th and 11th centuries were conserved,…

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    Viking Society: Nobles, Freemen, Slaves


    In the early Viking Age, no national kings existed. There were three broad social classes: the nobles or jarls, the middle class or karls and the slaves or thralls. As the Viking Age progressed, …

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    Traditional Viking Foods


    Unfortunately, due to a lack of recipes recorded in Viking times, there are no truly authentic Viking recipes. However, scientists have been able to recreate diets based on information received from …

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    Thousand-year-old crucible provides more evidence of the Vikings in Canada’s Arctic

    Medievalists.net, medievalists.net

    Although it was found about fifty years ago, archaeologists have just determined that a small stone container discovered on Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic region was actually part of metallurgical equipment used by the Vikings around the year 10…

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    Ancient Artifacts: 1000 Year Old Viking Gold Found in Scotland

    Crystal Boulware, guardianlv.com

    Though men see different things as treasure, as what one man does not value may be another man might, there is no refuting that the real treasure recently found, is valuable to any man. As much can be found as clues to the past, a little bit of th…

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    Viking treasure haul unearthed in Scotland


    A haul of Viking treasure has been unearthed from a field in south west Scotland by an amateur using a metal detector.

    Derek McLennan, a retired businessman from Ayrshire, made the find in …