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  1. Introducing Android Oreo – Hero
    Oreo Cookie, youtube.com

    你以為導致日食 #SolarEclipise2017 的是月球?少年你太年輕了! #oreo #AndroidOreo

  2. The Defenders: How Does Alexandra Compare To Marvel’s Other Villains?

    After two years of build-up and fantastic TV shows, The Defenders is finally upon us, and it is as great as we could have ever hoped (kind of). Nothing in this world is perfect and The Defenders is no …

    [SPOILERS] Truth is, we’re not so different: Matching “The Defenders” villain against other Marvel baddies

  3. The Duffer Brothers Confirm Stranger Things Will Get A Third Season
    By Jordan Crucchiola@jorcru, vulture.com

    In a new interview with Vulture, the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer teased a second season of Stranger Things in which they “wanted to push things a bit” because, like any good movie sequel, “No. 2 is …

    “Stranger Things” creators say season 3 is coming, and maybe even season 4

  4. 夏野菜の水ギョーザ レシピ 荻野 恭子さん|【みんなのきょうの料理】おいしいレシピや献立を探そう


    ・基本の生地(「手打ちうどん」参照) 半量

    ・強力粉 適量*打ち粉用。


    ・豚ひき肉 (脂が多いもの) 200g

    ・水 大さじ2

    ・酒 大さじ1

    ・塩 小さじ1/2~1

    ・砂糖 小さじ1/4

    ・こしょう 小さじ1/4

    ・しょうゆ 大さじ1/2

    ・ごま油 大さじ1/2


    ・きゅうり (粗みじん切り) 1本分

    ・ねぎ (みじん切り) 1/3本

    ・しょうが (すりおろす) …

  5. This Japanese Way of Making Iced Coffee Is a Game Changer
    Valerio Farris, food52.com

    This summer officially cemented cold brew into the zeitgeist. The drink, prepared by steeping coffee beans in water for hours as opposed to brewing beans with hot liquid, is said to be less acidic, have a rounder flavor, and take to ice cubes…

  6. How to Make Tomato Sauce in the Crockpot
    By Erin Huffstetler, thebalance.com

    Enjoy homemade tomato sauce without all the work. This crockpot recipe requires no peeling, seeding or coring, and tastes better than anything you can buy at the store. Just load all the ingredients …

  7. timeout.com
    Watch a ‘Hamlet’ live stream on our Facebook page tomorrow
    Robert Icke’s Andrew Scott-starring production of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ has already given those who’ve seen it three-and-a-half

    Robert Icke’s Andrew Scott-starring production of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ has already given those who’ve seen it three-and-a-half hours of edge-of-seat magic.

    But if you want to get a little deeper, catch Icke and Scott exploring the raw emotions and themes of the work – grief, madness, sanity and survival – on Tuesday via an in-conversation event with psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz, to be streamed live from the Facebook studio at 2pm, exclusively to your pals at Time Out London.

    So pull up a chair, hide your work screen from your boss and join Time Out London on Facebook from 2pm on August 22.

  8. Will Fans Actually Boycott ‘Doctor Who’ Over Jodie Whittaker’s Casting

    Ever since the current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, announced he’ll be leaving the iconic science-fiction series, fans speculated for months as to who should replace him for the next season. Big names …

    Are people really petty enough to boycott 'Doctor Who’ because the 13th Doctor is a woman?