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    “個人的な見解としてはPhotoShopは遊びながら覚えると早いし面白い( *´艸`) https://t.co/6ZrchUj69d

  2. Helsinki: 10 tips for visiting the capital of Finland
    Sean Cunningham, CNN, cnn.com

    (CNN)Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence from neighboring Russia on December 6, 2017.

    Helsinki, founded in 1550, is Finland’s largest city and the capital, with over one million of the country’s 5.5 million people living in …

  3. How to keep your laptop safe under the new airline ban
    By Heather Kelly, cnn.com

    San Francisco (CNN) — Whether you wanted to binge watch TV, catch up on work, or keep a toddler from yelling for 15 hours straight, the new rules on checked-in electronics are definitely an inconvenience. But they can also present major saf…

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  6. Driverless flying taxi service set to launch in Dubai
    By Sophie Morlin-Yron, CNN, cnn.com

    (CNN) — Dubai has announced yet another pioneering initiative, but this time it’s not the world’s first rotating skyscraper or 3D printed office. It’s a fleet of flying taxis.

    Small enough to fit into a car parking space when folded up, t…

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