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  1. flip.it
    What Did the President Know About the IRS Scandal and When Did He Know It?

    Rick Moran, pjmedia.com

    Somewhere, Howard Baker is smiling.

  2. flip.it
    Outgoing IRS Commissioner Faces Hearing Amid 'Stunning' Revelation

    foxnewsonline@foxnews.com, foxnews.com

    As outgoing IRS head prepares to face questions on targeting of conservative groups at hearing, sources reveal official who led tax-exempt organizations unit at the time now leads ObamaCare unit.• Obama Says He Didn’t ‘Know Anything’ About Prob…

  3. 弾丸乳

  4. flip.it
    IRS scandal proves need to scrap code

    By, washingtontimes.com

    Just in case fur­ther evi­dence is need­ed of the dam­age done to our nation and our hap­less peo­ple by the Inter­nal Rev­enue Ser­vice, it comes through the news that at some level or lev­els the te …

  5. flip.it
    House Republicans: We won’t repeat Lewinsky-era missteps

    kballuck@thehill.com (Molly K. Hooper), thehill.com

    House Republicans say they will not overreach on probing the Obama administration, having learned lessons during the Clinton administration.

  6. flip.it
    Mark Levin: The Democrats are up to their eyeballs in this IRS scandal; their fingerprints are all over it

    The Right Scoop, therightscoop.com

    Mark Levin says Democrats like Carl Levin are up to …

  7. US fears after Chinese missile test
    By Tom Phillips, Shanghai and agencies, telegraph.co.uk

    China has tested a long-range missile capable of intercepting satellites, US intelligence sources have claimed.

    On Mon­day night local time a rock­et was sent into space from a launch cen­tre in Sichuan province, south­west China. Bei­jing said …

  8. flip.it
    รูปภาพ วิจารณ์ยับ! พระพุทธรูปสาวนั่งคร่อม โผล่กลางผับเมืองจีน


    วิจารณ์ยับ! พระพุทธรูปสาวนั่งคร่อม โผล่กลางผับเมืองจีน http://flip.it/ATX8J via @Sanook http://flip.it/QA4A6

  9. Google on Glass: You’ll Just Know When Someone’s Spying on You
    Jamie Condliffe, gizmodo.com

    Yesterday saw Google face a lot of questions over Google Glass privacy: not only was it grilled by developers at I/O, but Congress also sent it a list of eight questions it wants answered. It’s response? Don’t sweat it; you’ll know if someo…

    Wish people would stop carping on about privacy concerns.

  10. Tiramisu Brownies
    Jamie, mybakingaddiction.com

    Although my parents divorced when I was a freshman in high school, my brother and I are incredibly fortunate in the fact that they’ve always been amicable. Sure they had their moments, but overall they handled themselves with a great deal o…

    OMG!!! Gimmeeeeeeeeeee