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  1. Best Woody Bike
    Radhika Seth, yankodesign.com

    The BKR is a concept bicycle that uses wood for its physical and natural proprieties of sustainability, malleability and elasticity. The mainframe skeleton is crafted from plywood with inert rubber gaskets sandwiched in for effect. The cycle featu…

  2. Visual Bits #436 > A History Of Amazing Types
    Skye Jordan, visualnews.com

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    The History of Typography – Animated Short By Ben Barrett-Forrest
    Typography World Map Vinyl Sticker
    3D Printed Typographical Chess
    Martin Creed – Various Neons

  3. CameraNikon D80
    Focal Length32mm

    Weekends with Friends: Bike Ride Adventure – Part One
    Grace Bonney, designsponge.com

    I woke up this morning to walk Hope and was shocked to feel that it was already warm and sunny at 6am! I checked the weather on my phone and nearly fell over when I saw that, after two utterly depressing days of rain and gloom, we’re finally back …

  4. The not so glamorous life of a podium girl - broken heel, pouring rain.
    jeredgruber, instagram.com

  5. And then there is @kellyslater. Photo: @johnrespondek #QuikSurf
    quiksilver, instagram.com

  6. MAN OF STEEL - New Poster and 11 New Images
    Joey Paur, geektyrant.com

    We’ve got some more Man of Steel goodness to share with you! Warner Bros. has released a beautiful brand new poster. We’ve also included a set of new photos that were scanned from a magazine that show off some cool shots.In the pantheon of…


  7. Meet The BBW Who Eats 5,000 Calories Every Day To Become An Internet Sex Symbol
    Josh Kurp, uproxx.com

    “Big Woman Fun­nel Feed­er” is both the name of a great CB radio han­dle (“This is Big Woman Fun­nel Feed­er. Best watch out for the smokey in the bush ’round the next bend. Tijua­na taxis every­where tonight”) and an accu­rate descrip­tion of…

  8. THE MATRIX: Retold By Someone’s Mom (Animated)
    Mick Joest, geektyrant.com

    Will Smith must have been referring to movies when he said “parents just don’t understand”. I remember asking my parents what they thought of Inception. My father is quoted below.It’s pretty much the same as that No Country For Ol…

    this mom’s synopsis of The Matrix is so Just Right.

  9. An Easy Way to Cook Lots of Eggs for Lots of People
    Sam Dean, bonappetit.com

    It’s the freakin’ week­end, which means you should not be awake early enough for break­fast. Sleep in. It’s all about brunch.

    Brunch doesn’t have to be all about corned beef hash or fried pota­toes. Swiss chard, cooked until soft and then…

  10. Packing Up Your Family And Moving To Panama Is Easier Than You Think
    Trey Morrison, Contributor, businessinsider.com

    In 2008 my wife and I packed up our fam­i­ly, with two chil­dren under 6 and moved to Pana­ma.

    When we arrived we found out we were not the only ones. In fact, in the last five years our small expat com­mu­ni­ty in Pana­ma has trans­formed from …